Program Highlights: Quotarians Celebrate Remembrance Day in Australia

The Quota Club of Tweed Heads/Coolangatta decided to do something in our community that was not a fundraising event, but a service project. The idea came to have a display of Poppies at our local Returned Soldiers League (RSL) for World War One Veterans. To honour the RSL, we asked the President if we could create the display at their Remembrance Day Service  on 11/11 at 11 am. We were greeted with open arms.

It was then time for us to knit and crochet the poppies. Quotarians started the project, and soon after we were joined by friends from our exercise and quilting classes who wanted to lend helping hands with knitting. Most of the helpers even turned up to view the display on the day. In the end, we made 1,327 poppies.

On Remembrance Day we joined nearly 200 returned soldiers for a two-course lunch funded by the Twin Towns Service Club. The RSL Sub Branch President, was so impressed that we were asked to do a similar display on Anzac Day in 2016 this is to be discussed.

Our club was very happy with our result, and this project opened up the opportunity for us to speak with locals and visitors about Quota International. This project started when one member had an idea and shared it, so let us all display the meaning of the word Quota and “SHARE.”

Submitted by Janet Ahrens, Region 11 Director


#GivingTuesday and How Quota International Improves the Lives of Children Worldwide

Giving Tuesday Header

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement to harness the collective power of philanthropy during the holiday season. On Tuesday, December 1 2015, organizations, businesses, and communities come together to celebrate and encourage giving. Quotarians across the globe have embodied the spirit of Giving Tuesday for nearly a century. In the last year Quota members:

  • Granted 500 scholarships to deaf and non-deaf students in 5 countries including three young deaf students in Georgia, USA who started university this fall through a scholarship program by Quotarians from Northside Atlanta.
  • Donated supplies to hundreds of schools internationally. In Massillon, Ohio, USA Quota International hosted a giveaway that provided over 450 students with backpacks, clothing, supplies, haircuts, and hearing screenings.
  • Benefitted over 500,000 abused, neglected, and needy children from newborn to 20 years of age in projects ranging from supporting medical treatments and supplies, job training, and hearing and speech clinics.

This Giving Tuesday honors the amazing work Quotarians have done in 2015 to improve the lives of children around the world. Click here to show your support and get involved in Giving Tuesday by joining Quota’s Thunderclap, which allows one single message to be mass-shared by an entire network of Quotarians and friends at the same time. Like a virtual flash mob, Thunderclap uses the power of the crowd. Please share this link with friends and family to amplify Quota’s mission beyond 5,000 members this Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday donations can also be made by visiting, or click the “donate” button on the right side of your screen. Help to create sound beginnings for children in over 260 communities worldwide.

Quota at Work Photo Series: Quota International of Angeles and the Children of Katutubo

One of the projects of Quota International of Angeles that made an impact to each member was the Feeding and Gift Giving Program for the Aetas or Katutubo children at Katutubo village, in Planas, Porac, Pampanga. When QI of Angeles had a feeding program in this community, the Katutubo school children requested for undies and these were given to them. We also gave the children school supplies, clothes, goodies and groceries. During the feeding program, we noticed that some of the children did not eat their food. They brought home their food packs instead. They said that they will bring it to their younger siblings and to their mothers at home. These touched our hearts. So we gave them extras. They seldom taste what we have served because they cannot afford to. The Aetas are indigenous people wearing g-strings in the mountain. They were relocated after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Their normal lives were affected. They tried to learn and cope up with the way of life on the place where they are now. But the head of the families cannot find regular jobs to support their needs.

They are lucky if government and non-government organization’s come for help or support. And Quota International of Angeles is one of these organizations that continuously giving support to the Katutubo Village through feeding and gift giving programs. Feeding program is a short term help. It is in this condition that the heads of the family are requesting for a long term solution for their livelihood. They resort on going back to what they are used to, planting banana, root crops and papaya. They need seedlings for this. The Quota International of Angeles club will use its prize money to support the livelihood program, the “Katutubo Village: Planting for a Living” to paint smiles to the Aetas children and ensure food for each meal for the whole family.angeles_women_children_quota-at-work

Program Highlight: A Medical Mission in the Philippines

medica misson_ManilaSouth_2

Despite the onset of Typhoon Lando, the members of Quota International of Manila South traveled two hours southeast of the city left on October 18 to Calauan, Laguna.

In partnership with the Brotherhood of Christian Professionals and Businessmen (BCBP), Manila South Quotarians served 712 patients, all informal settlers from Metro Manila, of the Don Bosco Compound.  206 three-strain flu vaccines were administered to the elderly, volunteers and orphans. Medicine donated by different pharmaceuticals was distributed along with wellness products like lotions, shampoos, soap, toothbrushes and toothpastes.  Consultations for the adults and children, in addition to dental services. After all consultations were completed, the patients, volunteers and doctors were treated to a delicious warm chicken porridge.  The children were entertained by BCBP members with various coloring and drawing activities.

To learn more about Quota International of Manila South, and how you can help their medial missions throughout the region, visit their Facebook Page.

post submitted by Vice President Emilie Simon. 


Program Highlights: Quota International in the Philippines Supports the Elderly

Quota International of Manila South visited Luwalhati ng Maynila (Home for the Elderly) in Marikina City to celebrate Filipino Elderly Week.  From October 1-7, 2015  Luwalhati ng Maynila’s  278 indigent grandpas and grandmas prepare a program of songs and dances that delight all in attendance.  To take part in the fun, the Manila South Quotarians joined them in their dance numbers.  After, the Manila South Quotarians served a lunch consisting of chicken adobo with vegetables and rice, followed by ice cream, a rare treat.

Each resident of Luwalhati ng Maynila was given a gift bag of filled with clothes, towels, snacks, oranges and toiletry items like toothbrushes, toothpastes and baby talcum powders.

QI of Manila South donated 100 kilos of rice,  laundry and cleaning detergents, renovated the home’s clinic, and the constructed an enclosed laundry area and hanging bay.

To learn more about the work Quota International of Manila South is doing in their local community visit their Facebook Page.

elderly care week_Manila South_October 2015_5



Minute for Mission: The Scholarship Program with Quota International in the South Pacific

babe_hearingThe Quota International South Pacific Area Scholarship recipients show that the benefits of the scholarship reward local communities, and reach far and wide.

The Quota South Pacific Area Scholarship was established by Quota International clubs in Australia and New Zealand many years ago. Chosen by the trustees and a dedicated committee and supported by donations from clubs, a scholarship is awarded annually to persons working/associated with speech and hearing development. Two previous recipients attended the AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s Symposium and  presented on behalf of the Hear & Say Centre. The Centre enables families in Australia to give their children with hearing loss the resources they need to be successful.  The recipients of the Scholarship use their expertise to produce innovative research that supports the deaf and makes a difference in the lives they touch.

To understand and appreciate what a difference the Scholarship makes in the lives of the recipients report on their achievements, observations and aspirations.  The 2015 recipient, Alexandra Crosbie, is a Habilitation Manager at The Hearing House, a charity that provides cochlear implants, hearing aids, and auditory-verbal therapy free of charge to children with hearing loss.

Learn more about Alexandra and her work on the Quota South Pacific Area Scholarship website.

Submitted by Denise Rowell,Committee Member, Quota South Pacific Area Scholarship

Quota International is a nonpartisan, 501c3 nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, the hearing and speech-impaired. Utilizing the leaders and members in individual communities, Quota International boasts over 5000 members in 264 cities who raise millions of dollars to start, contribute to, and maintain service projects in 12 countries. Visit Quota International at:

The Hearing House is a charity for deaf children with cochlear implants and hearing aids. Our mission is to enable deaf or hearing-impaired children to listen and speak like their hearing peers. We aim to give deaf children with cochlear implants or hearing aids the ability to fulfil their potential and live an independent life in a hearing and speaking world. The Hearing House serves the needs of hundreds of hearing impaired children and their families from Kaitaia to Turangi. Learn more about how cochlear implants are changing the lives of deaf children all over the world by visiting:

#62MillionGirls and What Quota International is Doing to Educate Girls Around the World


Earlier this month, the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, unveiled a new initiative to mobilize the public around an issue that affects the entire world. To date, there are 62 million girls, ages 6-15 who are not enrolled in school. The international non-profit, Girl Rising partnered with First Lady Obama to spread the word on social media and in popular culture that effecting change is a global effort, and starts with access to education.

Educating the youngest among us has been at the forefront of Quota International’s mission for the last 96 years. Worldwide, primary schools are built, after school programs are managed, backpacks and school necessities are supplied, and book drives are hosted by the women of Quota International. Understanding the importance of early education, Quotarians in the Philippines donated the funds necessary to build a library in a local primary school. In Winchester, Virginia, United States Quota International donates hundreds of backpacks, binders, notebooks, etc. to local schools in their neighborhood. Canadian Quotarians fund deaf scholarships for students to attend leadership summer camps every year. In Suriname, a 40-year program has allowed hundreds of adolescents to succeed and achieve higher education.

With every effort from the men, women, and children who support the need to educate young girls, gender gaps can begin to close. Learn about what you can do to change the statistics that effects millions around the world. Let #62MillionGirls learn to become the leaders, educators, innovators, and philanthropists we need in an ever-increasing global economy.

Learn more about the #62MillionGirls campaign at: and follow @QuotaIntl on Twitter to see what Quotarians are doing to promote and create opportunities for young girls in their communities.

Quota International is a nonpartisan, 501c3 nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, the hearing and speech-impaired. Utilizing the leaders and members in individual communities, Quota International boasts over 5000 members in 264 cities who raise millions of dollars to start, contribute to, and maintain service projects in 12 countries. Visit Quota International at:

“Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls education that uses storytelling to share the simple truth that education girls can transform societies.” Visit Girl Rising at:

Photo caption: A young girl with her mother in India.

From the Field: Quota International Canada, Did You Know?


Quota International Premier Cyber Club members don’t just operate in cyber space – they have their feet right on the ground in the centre of a community that needs help.

As Quota International’s first virtual club, the Premier Cyber partnered with Quota International of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to sponsor a Pit Stop in the ‘Amazing Habitat Race Warsaw,’ a Habitat for Humanity event that raises funds for a building project in the village of Warsaw, near Peterborough.

President Leah said that each club member has chosen a community project to focus their efforts on– the Habitat for Humanity project is President Leah’s choice.   As a committee member for the Project, she has sought sponsorship from businesses for Pit Stops on a route through the village of Warsaw where the home will be built.  Participating teams had to pledge $250 to enter, challenge sponsors gave $500 and each Pit Stop challenge cost $250.00.   There were prizes for teams across the line, a seniors group provided pies for the Bar-b-que and the Lions Club did the Bar-b-que.  The Cyber Club sponsored one Pit Stop and a created basket of treats at all Pit Stops with the Quota logo well displayed Each basket held information pamphlets, magazines and details about Quota’s international service.

The result?  $71,000.00 raised, 2 prospective members in another town for Premier Cyber, a Junior Quota Club in a local high school, and an invitation to President Leah to speak to Year Five students about giving back to the community.

Well done, to our very new Canadian Cyber Club on their first service initiative!

From the Field: Quota International Australia, Did You Know?

Quota International of Redcliffe in Australia.

When the members of Quota International of Redcliffe (pictured above) heard that a Hospice for children was to be built in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia they decided to get involved.  They soon learned that the Hummingbird House would be the only hospice for children in Queensland and the first joint initiative between Queensland Kids and Wesley Mission Brisbane.

Redcliffe Quotarians made the decision to start fund-raising for this very worthy and much needed project.   Two Craft Fairs and a couple of Art Unions later, and the club donated $15,000.00. As a thank you, a portion of Hummingbird House’s roof will be named after the Quota club.  Townsville, Gold Coast, Nundah Clayfield, Brisbane South, Beaudesert, Beenleigh, Sandgate and North Lakes clubs in Queensland have accepted Redcliffe’s invitation to join the Project, raising over $21,000.00 for Hummingbird House.  Redcliffe Club members recently visited the site to view the progress of the building that will open its doors in February, 2016. They learned more about the impressive plans for the wonderful facilities  that will care for children and their families during their respite.

Hummingbird House will offer a comprehensive continuum of care for babies, children and teens with life-threatening illnesses and their families throughout Queensland.  It will be unique in Queensland because it offers world-class health care within a home-like environment; it will offer quality medical care for children, family accommodation, flexible quality of life solutions, personal programs, caring professional staff and dedicated volunteers. It’s going to be a place for children and their families to come in their time of need.

Quota Clubs in Queensland are proud to put their Quota Logo of support on this outstanding project.

From the Field: Australian Quotarians Listening & Learning in the Big Smoke

Quotarians in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia do a great deal of work to help people with hearing and/or speech difficulties, in their community, country, and even overseas.  Recently, ten of their members visited the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University to catch up with the latest developments in the field.

The Australian Hearing Hub’s new state of the art facility has attracted industry leaders to drive innovation and collaboration. During their visit to the Hub, Quotarians interacted with:

  1. Australian Hearing, one of Australia’s leading hearing specialists and largest provider of Government funded hearing service.  The Hub is also home to the National Acoustic Laboratories which are the research division of National Hearing.
  1. The Shepherd Centre which opens up a world of sound for children with hearing loss and their families with their internationally recognised early intervention and first sounds implant programs.  The staff work closely with children and their families so that the parents can develop their children’s listening and speaking skills.
  1. The Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children which, among its many different areas, has a Cochlear Implant program.
  1. Cochlear Limited. The cochlear ear was invented by Australian Professor Clark and provides a hearing option for people with significant hearing loss who gain little or no benefit from hearing aids, and the device is way ahead of anything else in the world.

The Quotarians were told of the history of the cochlear ear and then, through a glass panel, watched them being assembled.  The extremely clean room had a fixed environment.  Temperature and humidity were fixed and workers wore full body garments, from boots, overalls, hoods, masks and gloves, to ensure that the final products were ready and safe for implantation.

Quota clubs around the world do a great deal of work to help people with hearing and speech difficulties, including  financing scholarships to people in the field for further research and training, and it is much appreciated.

Quota International of Parkes visit the Australian Hearing Hub

Post was submitted by Quota International of Parkes member, Pam Nankivell.

From the Field: Quota International USA, Did You Know?

SSI_postOur disabled community members face many more obstacles in life than the rest of us. From obtaining and keeping a job, to daily commutes, to communicating with ease, many parts of everyday life that we take for granted are often out of reach for those who live with a disability. In order to assist these citizens, state and federal governments have enacted benefits to help with these obstacles. Unfortunately, in order to qualify for these government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security, or Medicaid, one can’t have more than $2,000 in savings. Essentially, in order to qualify for government disability benefits, one must live in poverty.

This all changed on December 19, 2014 when President Obama signed into law bipartisan legislation entitled the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act. The law created a new special savings account, modeled after 529 college savings plans, through which people with disabilities can now save up to $100,000 without losing state and federal disability benefits. The ABLE Act was passed to help those with disabilities cover the costs associated with a variety of essential expenses including medical and dental care, education, community based supports, employment training, assistive technology, housing, and transportation.

People with disabilities can open these special ABLE accounts only after their specific state-level lawmakers pass that state’s version of the ABLE Act. Fortunately, 31 states have enacted their respective versions of the ABLE legislation. Two more states’ legislatures, California and New York, have passed a bill which is awaiting the Governor’s signature before it becomes law. While it’s encouraging that 31 states have passed legislation, it does highlight that 17 states and the District of Columbia have not yet introduced, or if introduced have not yet passed ABLE legislation. These 17 states include: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

As Quotarians, we follow a mission to empower women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and the speech-impaired. While we support and fund deaf resources, we also aim to empower all disadvantaged members of our communities. Please consider taking time to help expand the ABLE Act to all 50 states. What can you do?

  • If you live in California or New York, you can call the governor’s office and voice your support for the ABLE Act and encourage him to sign it into law.
  • If you live in one of the previously-mentioned 17 states or District of Columbia, you can contact your local state legislator and encourage them to introduce and pass this beneficial legislation.
  • If you live in one of the 31 states where this is already law, feel free to thank your state-level lawmakers. And if you wish to advocate more, consider working with Quotarians in neighboring states where the ABLE Act has not yet been enacted.
  • If you live outside the United States, we encourage you to engage with your local and federal lawmakers to see what is being done to help disabled members of your communities overcome similar obstacles.

Doing so will help countless community members living with disabilities. If you need help getting started, reach out to Quota Staff. We’re here for you.

For more information on ABLE implementation in your state, the National Down Syndrome Society made this helpful guide:

From the Field: A Smart911 Webinar for Quotarians in the United States

smart911_blogAttention Quota International members in the United States! A new opportunity is available to your club through Quota International’s newest partner, SMART911. SMART911 creates safety profiles for residents free of charge. For many of the communities in which Quota International operates, this service can be especially crucial.  For example, if a person is deaf or speech impaired, 9-1-1 will see that in their safety profile and can initiate SMS text messaging with the caller.  Likewise, if a child goes missing, 9-1-1 will automatically be able to see the missing child’s photo and physical description in a Smart911 profile.

Since communities across the United States have started adopting SMART911’s tool, including several Quota communities in Region 6 (Kris Mellinger of Region 6 will co-host the webinar), we wanted to share this opportunity stateside. During the webinar, a SMART911 representative and Kris will provide information about using SMART911’s safety service  and bringing it to your community.  Please find below the information regarding the date, time, and registration for this free webinar.

Webinar Information

Date: Tuesday, September 15th

Time: 7:00pm EDT

Registration Link: