Be Inspired By Art! Convention 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We want you to experience the energy of ArtPrize –the world’s largest international art competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Chelsea Nix describes her award-winning artwork “The String Project”

“An explosion of creativity” is how the brainchild of ArtPrize originator Rick DeVos describes what began as an experiment in 2009. ArtPrize has transformed our community into a gigantic canvas, inspiring countless conversations,connections, opportunities, life changing events and prize-winning artwork. This year’s ArtPrize hosted over 1400 artists from 41 states and 40 countries sharing over 1200 inspiring – provocative – genius works of art in more than 165 venues throughout the city. Just imagine the limitless possibilities: modern art on the street corner, sculpture and oil paintings that draw attention to world atrocities, recycled products turned into playground toys, glittering mosaics that disguise a building, optical illusions that challenge your perceptions, student groups collaborating on their masterpieces, pencil drawings that imitate photographs, and a thousand more pieces of art that cause creative conversation! Part of the real beauty of ArtPrize is that it is open to anyone on the planet. And, a total of $500,000 is awarded to artists competing  in various categories.2gr



When you come to Grand Rapids for Convention 2020, you will be inspired and amazed by the ArtPrize art that has become a permanent part of our city’s landscape.

In the meantime, be inspired by how one person’s vision, motivation, and community support can create a platform that energizes everyone who participates –artists, local venues, volunteers and viewers of art. See how an explosion of creativity transforms a city: . This year be inspired by the 2018 grand prize winners. The wife and husband team of Chelsea Nix and Mariano Cortez created “The String Project” – a series of photos taken around the world that portray humanity’s shared connection.   Be inspired by what can be accomplished when you attract 500,000 visitors to one cool city! 4gr7gr



October President’s Message

Blog President Emilie Installation Speech

Dear Quota Members,

A new Quota day, a new Quota year has begun. As you may have heard, Quota’s fiscal year made a change, moving from a May 1 to an October 1 opening. We’re making a fresh start throughout our organization, and I’m so glad you are a part of it.

Times may change, but the power of Quota service endures. Your Board of Directors is working hard to secure our organization’s future going forward. I am heartened by the testimonials that have started reaching us – your e-mails, your phone calls, and the testimonials some of you have left on the Quota Team blog in response to my previous President’s Message. Thank you very much for sharing your Quota caring in these ways.

In this message, I wish to report on some of the new cost-cutting measures your Board has taken. First, we have made major cuts in our staffing budget, which means we are moving forward with a much smaller, but dedicated and very hardworking team.

Second, during this interim period while your Board studies new directions for Quota’s structure and operations, we are looking for cuts we can make to our existing expenses. The biggest of these is a major decrease in travels this new fiscal year. Your Board is looking at other ways for ensuring international representation at the 2019 Regional Meetings at no cost to Quota International. In addition, your Board is planning to meet in person only once a year starting this December 2018.  Instead, we are meeting frequently via monthly conference calls. It is quite an interesting experience as some Quota Board Members are just waking up and others are heading for their pillows after the call is over. I am so grateful for the flexible natures of Quota’s leadership team enabling us to work in this way.

I reported previously that audit reports for fiscal years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 were underway. Your Board has received and reviewed drafts, and work on them is finishing up. We will share them as soon as they are complete. In addition, we continue to increase our reliance on volunteer assistance for projects that we used to rely upon our staff for. I have so appreciated the offers of assistance that have come to my attention.

Please know that your Board is very hard at work on discussing new directions for Quota International, which can ensure that we will be here to serve the world community going forward. I shall continue to report decisions to you as they occur.

I, for one, am counting my many Quota blessings as we work towards creating a second century of Quota service. Thank you for caring about our organization in the way that you do.


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President