April President’s Message

Dear Quota Members,

Around Quota’s world, a change in seasons is occurring. Members in the Northern Hemisphere are cheering the onset of spring and the storage of winter woolies and coats. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer is evolving into autumn, and a new chill in the air brings welcome relief from the hot summer sun. Even countries located close to the equator have seasons, like my home country of the Philippines, where summer has begun.

In Quota, we are experiencing seasons of change, and with each change comes loss and opportunity. The loss we are experiencing is a combination of membership losses and a financial setback this year. The opportunity? The chance to design Quota to operate in a new, more cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your club’s continuation for a second century of service in your community.

We are asking for your help with this important project at your 2019 Regional Meeting. During your International Representative’s presentation, you will be invited to participate in a small group discussion where your feedback will be recorded and shared with your Board of Directors. We want to know what you value most about your experience as a Quotarian and what ideas you have related to our mission of protecting the future of our clubs.

Regional Meetings are wonderful opportunities to participate in Quota beyond your local club. Meetings are filled with inspirational presentations, fellowship opportunities, and the ability to make new friends who share your commitment to Quota’s service mission. International Representatives care so deeply about connecting with you and your fellow Regional Members that they are traveling to meetings at their own expense. Please consider attending this very important year.

Changes in Rules of Procedure

Because of the changes coming to Quota that are not yet fully defined, your Board has voted to revise Quota International’s Rules of Procedure to extend the deadline for the submission of 2020 Board Nominee forms. The Board of Directors will be unveiling its new structure proposal in December 2019 after our in-person meeting. It is only fair that potential leaders have the opportunity to learn more about the plans shared at that time before choosing to run for international office. Here are the revised 2020 Board Nominee deadlines:

  • The deadline for submitting forms declaring candidacy for international office has been moved from December 31, 2019, to February 1, 2020. (Candidate forms will be available later in the year.)
  • The deadline for submitting a 3-minute campaign video and a one-page campaign flyer has been moved from January 31, 2020, to March 1, 2020.
  • The election ballot mail date has been moved from March 1, 2020, to April 1, 2020.
  • The voted election ballot postmark deadline remains June, 1, 2020.
  • As has been the procedure in recent years, there will be no voting on international nominees at Convention 2020.

Other changes have been made to the Rules of Procedure, primarily to ensure that the Rules reflect current Quota International Bylaws, the fiscal year change, and the current level of dues.

In closing, all of these changes are designed to prepare for the Quota of the future which you, the members, will help determine through the feedback we receive at 2019 Regional Meetings. This is your opportunity to help determine a new exciting season in Quota’s life cycle, and I encourage you to participate.


Blog President Emilie Installation Speech

Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President

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President’s Message- January 2019

Blog President Emilie Installation Speech

January 16, 2019

Dear Quota Members,

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.”

-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Wanda Frey Joiner took her own leap of faith early in 1919 by believing in Quota Club International, Inc., the first global service organization for professional women. Wanda and her team of four fellow pioneer-founders pledged to share their talents with the world’s less fortunate, so they created our motto, “We Share.”

Fast forward 100 years, and Quotarians, as we call ourselves, continue to change lives beyond the boundaries of our communities and our countries. Our shared mission of helping others is the deep bond that connects us, no matter which of our 14 Quota countries we call home. We have much to give thanks for as February 6 approaches, marking the 100th anniversary of our organization’s birth.

Service is the heart of Quota – it’s the foundation upon which we are built. For that reason, our second century of service, beginning in 2019, opens with a new emphasis on the difference we make in the world. To magnify this new emphasis, we are launching a new, volunteer-led United in Service global service initiative for clubs. Its purpose is to resurrect our organization-wide conversation on the many ways we change and save lives, while offering new service ideas that just might help your club reach new levels of success in your local service and membership efforts. Minimal staff involvement will be required.

Volunteers who are appointed will represent as many of our Quota countries as possible. These volunteers will then work together in a committee whose chair has also been appointed. As soon as details are finalized in the coming weeks, our new committee’s chair will be announced.

Also in the world of service, our Hand-in-Hand program is continuing forward this year. In the very near future we will be publishing a report on successes Hand-in-Hand projects enjoyed as a result of donations they received in 2018. Donations waiting for 2019 distribution are now numbering almost US$20,000, and they all came from you – the generous members and clubs who care about Quota service in international communities experiencing dire circumstances.

Here is Quota news in other areas:

  • Our Quota International Centennial Facebook page is waiting for your club’s posting of 100-year celebration news. Please share your plans, your activities and your photos so that we can all celebrate Quota’s landmark event with you! We will be publishing the best photos you post on our Quota Home Page.
  • I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has reached an agreement with Interim Executive Director Nancy Fitzpatrick to make her position permanent. Nancy looks forward to serving Quota as Executive Director through Convention 2020 and beyond.
  • We have had several showings of our four Quota office suites. We do not yet have a contract, but a potential buyer has expressed serious interest in part of the space.
  • We are still waiting to hear from a small handful of clubs in order to report our official October 1, 2018, membership number, which we are expecting to be in the range of 4,000.
  • Our Century Program donations have reached US$42,001.97 (28%) of our US$151,345 goal for this fiscal year. We have added a new “donation progress meter” on our Quota International Home Page – a Quota “Q” that is filling up as donations are received and processed. My thanks go to all Century Clubs and Century Donors who have chosen to support Quota International at this difficult time. The entire Board and I are grateful to you. Our secure online donation portal, powered by Paypal, is available 24 hours a day should you wish to make a financial gift to the Century program. All donations support Quota’s Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund, which is funding Quota operations this fiscal year while we prepare to move and further downsize our space and administrative costs.

In closing, please accept my best wishes for a year filled with success, prosperity, and happiness. And, thank you for joining in our effort to move Quota into its second century of service. Please, never underestimate the power of your position as a member – one person can make a world of difference!


Emilie Simon
2018-2020 President
Quota International

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