Many Thanks to Donors Supporting World Service ‘Hand in Hand’ Projects

HIH Health and Wellbeing WIDE Manila 4
Little ones receive nutritious meals thanks to those who donate to Hand in Hand Projects – Photo submitted by Quota International of Manila.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. – Mother Teresa

Washington, DC, May 2017 – Many of our best friends are Quotarians.  They have hearts of gold and are always looking out for each other.  Whenever they hear of someone who needs help, they let them know that we are here for them.  This is true in our local communities and around the world.  In 2017-2018

Changing Lives Around the World

Quota International’s World Service projects began in 1983 with the Quota Home for Abandoned and Destitute Women in New Delhi, India.  Over the past 30 years, Quota Clubs have hosted International Women’s Day Celebrations, international festivals, and public awareness events raising over $1 million to fund World Service projects helping children living in poverty in two dozen towns and villages.  Special thanks go to the following clubs who donated during the past year to support projects improving Health and Wellbeing, Educational Development, and Workforce Development:

Super Star Donors $1,000+ USD:

  • Australia: Quota International of Narooma
  • Canada: Quota International of Weyburn
  • United States: Quota International of Baton Rouge, Central Oregon, Gridley, Kent Valley, Massillon, Minneapolis, and Morro Bay

Gold Star Donors $500 – $999 USD:

  • Australia: Quota International of Beenleigh, Jimboomba, Redcliffe, Sandgate, Temora, and Whitsunday
  • Canada: Quota International of Estevan
  • New Zealand: Quota International of Opotiki
  • United States: Quota International of Cupertino, Estes Park, Wilmington, and Wooster

Silver Star Donors $200 – $499 USD:

  • Aruba: Quota International of Aruba
  • Australia: Quota International of Alstonville/Wollongbar, Brisbane City, Bundaberg, Caloundra, Camden Haven, Canberra, Casino, Coffs Harbour, Forster Tuncurry, Gloucester, Gold Coast, Coulburn, Lower Clarence, Macarthur, North Lakes, Sydney, and Tweed Heads/Coolangata
  • Canada: Quota International of Mariposa, Owen Sound, and Penticton
  • New Zealand: Quota International of Papakura, and Whakatane
  • United States: Quota International of Beckley, Canton, Fort Lauderdale, Grand Rapids, Lake County, Lawrence, Mountain View/Los Altos, New Haven, Paradise, and Shenango Valley

Bronze Star Donors $100 – $199 USD:

  • Australia: Quota International of Batemans Bay, Brisbane South, Buderim, Campbelltown, Cobden, Coolum Beach, Coonamble, Geelong, Gladstone, Glen Innes, Lithgow, Maleny, Maryborough, Orange, Taree, Thuringowa, Walcha, and Wimmera
  • Canada: Quota International of Grey Bruce, Estevan, Huronia, Ottowa, and Wainwright
  • New Zealand:  Quota International of Rotorua
  • United States: Quota International of Andover, Coral Springs/Parkland, Freeport, Iosco County, Kirksville, Klamath Falls, Lorain, Northside Atlanta, Platteville, Preston County, Salisbury, Tacoma, and West Monroe

Additional Clubs supporting World Service projects include: Quota International of Bathurst, Carindale, Gympie, Kingaroy, Kyogle, Port Macquarie, Quirindi, Townsville, and Wynnum Manly in Australia.  Quota International of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Quota International of Ohope in New Zealand, and Quota International of Legazpi-Mayon in the Philippines.  Quota International of Bethlehem, Candlewood Valley, Harrisonburg, Holyoke JQs, Jackson, Johnstown, Kenosha-Racine, Salem, and West Memphis in the United States.

During the past year, 111 Quota Clubs and 2 Junior Quota Clubs gave to the World Service Hand in Hand World Service Projects.  Your generosity inspires us and changes lives for children around the world.

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Every donation makes a difference for children who live in poverty.

Health and Wellbeing projects create safer and healthier environments for children living in poverty often without electricity or running water. Quota members fill in the gaps providing diagnostic equipment, screenings for health, hearing, and vision, vaccinations and emergency care, and supplies for medical centers including fans and medication. When mothers are in prison, children receive clothing and uniforms, nutritious school lunches, meals at day care centers, and a place to put their head at night.

Educational Development projects ensure that basic schooling needs are met. Quota Members arrange transportation, donate school supplies, build adaptive classrooms, and provide salaries for teachers to ensure that all children have what they need to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

Workforce Development projects provide sound beginnings for women, and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing. Quotarians promote long-term independence and self-reliance offering a range of opportunities from sign language and braille lessons, to educational classes, and vocational training with the trades, and also small business loans.

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Grace Caldwell
Programs Lead,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

“Welcome Bags” and Bead Craft Lessons Bring Hope

Kuala Lumpur HIH Photo Collage

Washington, DC, March 27th, 2018 – Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ensure better health and well-being for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking being served by the Women’s Aid Organisation shelter.  In partnership with each other, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), RC Deaf Missions Malaysia (RCDM), and Quota International of Kuala Lumpur are making real progress in their efforts to provide life coaching and job skills to women.

Last year this included 63 women and 70 children who either came to the WAO shelter of their own accord or, in the case of victims of human trafficking, were sent by police.

Welcome bags for WAO

With this $2,000 Hand-in-Hand grant money, Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur will continue to prepare “welcome bags” containing a bath towel, toothbrush, toiletry pouch, as well as hotel hygiene amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and soap, all donated by friends and Quota club members who have saved these items from recent hotel stays.  Along with each batch of 30 welcome bags supplied to the WAO shelter, members in Kuala Lumpur will also donate sanitary napkins, panties, and extra towels to help provide for the needs associated with feminine hygiene.

In addition, the Hand-in-Hand grant money will also be used to support workforce development thru lessons in bead craft for the women which will enable them to provide for themselves and their families after leaving the shelter.  Quota International of Kuala Lumpur will supply materials such as beads, pliers, crimps, beading cord, and needles that each woman can take with her upon leaving the shelter.

Lastly, Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur have also reached out to a local yoga instructor who will be conducting weekly yoga lessons for these women to further improve their health and well-being.

Sisters who received hearing aidsThank you to all who have contributed to Quota International’s Hand-in-Hand Fund.  Your monies combine to make projects like these possible.  It’s through your generosity and the help of members in Kuala Lumpur that women escaping domestic violence and human trafficking are receiving hope for the future and hope in humanity again.

For more information on World Service Hand-in-Hand projects, click here.

Thank you for all that you do! 

Lisa Schlosser
Membership Coordinator,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

Deaf students receive workforce training from Hand in Hand grants

Washington, DC, March 9th, 2018 – Not all deaf students have the opportunity to continue their high school or college education. While schools in the Philippines provide basic reading, writing, and other academic subjects, the Mandaue City Central Integrated SPED School (MCCISS) offers its 147 deaf students special Vocational Training programs.  This is thanks to members of Quota International of Mandaue. Vocational skills lead to jobs that provide a good livelihood.

Vocational training classes include:
Sewing, Hair Dressing, Carpentry, Basic Electric Skills
Baking and Cooking, Weaving, and Candle Making

This $2,000 USD Hand in Hand grant funded by Quota International members from around the world will focus on the upgrade and repair of the machines and tools purchased with previous Hand in Hand grant monies.  The school will also receive new edition reference books and materials and a stipend for any short-term trainers that may be needed i.e. hairdressing – straightening, coloring, curling, etc.


Quotarians from the Manila South Club have formed a partnership to provide special programs and services to deaf children ages 5-20 through the Sergia Esguerra Memorial Foundation Inc (SEMFI).  Established in 1990 through the Philippine Institute for the Deaf, SEMFI is a non-profit institution that provides speech and language development, academic skills and other psycho-social needs for hearing impaired children.

To comply with the Department of Education, SEMFI is seeking to enhance the school’s technical and vocational program for students 15-20 years old, to provide them with competencies needed to function and succeed after graduating. These skills are in three categories: self-care and domestic living; communication and social skills; and academic, vocational and livelihood training – all vital toward independent functioning and active community participation. This is because of Quotarians.

Previous Hand in Hand grants from Quotarians helped set up of the school’s Computer and Science Laboratory in 2015-2016. This new grant of $2,000 USD to the Quota International of Manila South’s Hand in Hand project will provide proper tools and equipment for sewing, cooking/baking, and gardening in the Home Economics and Livelihood Education house model: one freezer unit, dining table and chairs, buffet servers, plates, glasses and cutleries, one large oven, a preparation table, an electric mixers, pots and pans and pressure cooker, three sewing machines with sewing kits and accessories, plant boxes, rakes, and tools, and a label printer and paper.  These laboratories are used year round every day by 40 students from grades 4-12.

For more information on World Service Hand in Hand projects click here.

Thank you Quotarians in the Philippines and across the globe. 

Grace Caldwell
Programs Lead,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

Consider the Facts: Poverty in 2015

Children receive flip flops at a Quota sponsored school in Iloilo, Philippines.
Children receive flip flops at a Quota sponsored school in Iloilo, Philippines.

The community services performed by thousands of Quota International volunteers around the world vary tremendously, but have one common goal: alleviate the affects poverty has on millions of people. Through programs that provide food and education for children, shelter and economic independence for abused and under-served women, and scholarships  for deaf students, Quota International takes small steps everyday in communities around the world and to solve big problems. Take a look at what poverty in 2015 looks like, and join Quota International volunteers to break the cycle of poverty worldwide.

A Look at Poverty in 2015

  1. 1 in 7 women worldwide are illiterate.
  2. 1 in 3 American women (42 million) and 28 million American children either live in poverty or on the brink of it.
  3.  1 in 3 children in the developing world lack adequate shelter.
  4. Nearly 1 out of 7 Australian women live below the poverty line.
  5. 1 in 3 children die from malnutrition.
  6. Current production of hearing aids meets less than 10% of the global need.
  7. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger-related diseases.
  8. 1 in 5 children in the United States live below the poverty line.
  9. 1 in 7 children lack access to health services.
  10. 1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical/sexual violence in their lifetime.

To learn more about the poverty epidemic, visit:

11 Surprising Facts About Women and Poverty From the Shriver Report

Know Your World: Facts About Hunger and Poverty


Unite to End Violence Against Women: Women in the Economy

Women comprise over half of the world’s population, but their ability to contribute to the world economy is far below its potential.  Women face serious disparities in the workforce compared to their male counterparts, with regard to: discrimination, wage-gaps, advancement opportunities, and more.  According to a study published by the International Monetary Fund (September 2013), access to training and support networks among females help women and businesses succeed financially.  Vocational training and financial education can help women out of poverty and into more meaningful and permanent careers.  Part of Quota’s mission is to empower women in communities around the world.  Many Quota International communities have devoted time, effort, and love into these types of programs.

Quota volunteers, in India, the Philippines, Fiji, and Malaysia, develop many livelihood programs for women to learn how to provide for themselves and their families.  Some of these programs include learning skills in: food preparation, sewing, massage therapy, cosmetology, henna tattoos, among others.  In addition, some Quotarians have provided makeover and career services to help struggling women in their communities to get on their feet.

By providing these services our volunteers help women become strong and independent leaders of their communities.  This promotes economic equality and may help reduce violence and discrimination against women in the workforce around the world.

A livelihood program in the Philippines. Photo by Noel Galang
A livelihood program in the Philippines. Photo by Noel Galang

What Will $50,000 Do?

To support the award-winning World Service Hand-in-Hand Program, Quota has launched a new “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Challenge” on CrowdRise!

What will $50,000 do?

This amount will change lives. Thousands of women and children in India, Fiji, Suriname, Malaysia, and Philippines directly benefit. From school lunches, to workshops, to literacy classes, volunteer Quotarians in 21 communities are transforming donations into community guided projects that encourage participants to improve their livelihood and break the cycle of poverty and achieve more.

Since the launch of Quota’s World Service Program 30 years ago, Quotarians have donated over $1 million. This new campaign will continue the legacy of generosity and social responsibility and promote the good work of Quotarians around the world.

.thank you children

Quota Works to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

The United Nations has recognized 25 November as the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and has started a 16-day campaign “UNiTE to End Violence against Women.” In support of this campaign, Quota International will bring attention to this issue focusing on the work Quotarians are doing in their communities.

Women in Manila participate in Quota's Empowering Women and Children Through Education Program
Women in Manila participate in Quota’s Empowering Women and Children Through Education Program

Quotarians in Manila work to close educational and economic gaps that result from gender-based violence, through their Hand-In-Hand project: Empowering Women and Children through Education.  Through this project, Quotarians in Manila provide livelihood and skills training to women and children in economically depressed areas of the city. Women living in densely populated and impoverished areas—like many areas of the city, Manila—are more at risk of gender-based violence. As a result, victims’ educational opportunities and support systems may be limited. Quota has stepped in to assist with not only literacy classes, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of women and children. While many victims of violence may either drop out of the workforce or lose paid work days, Quota empowers its women in Manila to be emotionally strong and financially independent in order to provide for their families.

From 2007-2012, Manila witnessed an increase in gender-based violence of 150 percent. One survey estimated that 20 percent of Filipino women between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of violence (Source: IRIN).  Violence prevents these girls from pursuing an education and therefore fuels poverty.  Many think of violence against women in terms of harm against only the victim.  However, violence against women triggers economic and social costs that extend to society as a whole by inhibiting access to education and reducing economic growth.

Quotarians also work in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Fiji, which have been reported to have suffered particularly harsh economic losses as a result of gender-based violence. Through work by volunteers in local communities Quota provides resources for women in these countries to overcome violence and hardship, and maybe more importantly, the emotional support many of these women need to feel empowered again.

UN definition of violence against women: “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.

Quota International Partners with the Women’s Aid Organisation

Malaysia – Quota International of Kuala Lumpur partners with Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to make a stronger impact in the community.  To create a society that is free of violence against women, WAO opened Malaysia’s first refuge for abused women and their children in 1982.  Through The Refuge, shelter, counseling, and support, and advocacy for human rights is offered.  The Refuge is a safe haven for up to three months serving abused migrant workers, trafficked women, asylum seekers, and single mothers.  Each year, social workers respond to an average of 1,500 calls.

Through Quota International’s World Service Project donations, Quotarians ensure that 85 Malaysian women seeking refuge at WAO were provided with the necessary assistance that would enable them to become self-sufficient. Some women learned how to make jewelery and were given tools and materials to turn their new skills into a business.  Quota International’s World Service Program also funded another entrepreneurial small business start-up grant enabling a woman to open a food stall selling noodles.

Quota volunteers actively empower women in Kuala Lumpur, changing their lives through direct skills training and emotional support.  The gratitude from the women is priceless.


QI of Kuala Lumpur and WAO teamed up to provide necessary shelter for women in crisis. Photo by: Mehdi Benali
In 2013, 60.8% of the women seeking aid from the WAO were victims of domestic violence. 
Photo by: Mehdi Benali



Manila: Empowering Women and Families

The BAGS for Life Program is going strong in Manila. Photo by: Noel Galang
The BAGS for Life Program is going strong in Manila.
Photo by: Noel Galang

Hunger drives crime. With help of Quota International’s World Service Project donations, Metro Manila’s Quota community empowers women and their families to become self-sustaining keeping them from becoming involved in crime or falling victim to human trafficking rings simply because they are hungry.  Quotarians aim to combat poverty and its effects through education and training for women and children in Metro Manila.

Last year, the Ganda Ko Hanapbuhay Mo Programme was launched to provide skills training to 60 mothers in a poverty-stricken area of Paran͂aque. Through a partnership with a local NGO, women complete cosmetology courses which enable them to secure an income.  Upon completing the program, each graduate “pays it forward” by providing a free haircut for school children in their community.

Quotarians in Manila are also turning an environmental project into a program to augment family income. The project, BAGS for Life, teaches families how to make bags using old newspapers and telephone directories.  From bag sales, families may earn between P3, 000-5,000 a month, enough to afford food and necessary household expenses.  This project has had positive residual results.  By employing fathers on a contractual basis, their continual employment allows their children to stay in school.

A member remarked of the impact from this program that they have already witnessed in their community, “We believe that although there is still so much we can do, helping even a few has already made a difference in the lives of families.  We hope to lessen petty crimes, drug abuse, and out of school youths by providing livelihood for their parents, and making sure that their children can be in school.”

Introducing the Quota at Work Photo Series

Quota International is made up of thousands of dedicated and caring members who are making lasting impact in their communities around the world. The mission to empower women, children, the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech-impaired is at the heart of everything Quota does. To celebrate the amazing achievements of Quota’s vibrant communities, the blog will be showcasing the organization’s best work through photographs.

Over the years, dozens of photographs have been submitted to Quota as entries to the bi-annual photo contest. With this new photo series, every photo entry with a mission-specific theme will be highlighted on the blog. Every week, a new photograph will be posted, along with a caption and short description. Quota is working everyday to make a difference; support our work and the beautiful photographs that tell our global story. Check out the first Quota at Work photo below and continue to learn more about Quota International’s programs on the blog and on the website:

QI of New Delhi

qi of new delhi

One of the most popular work training programs for young girls at New Delhi Club’s Quota Home for Abandoned and Destitute Women is henna painting, and they take their lessons very seriously.

 Not only do the girls love receiving the decoration and learning how to do it on others, but the skill is in high demand for weddings and celebrations, so the students who become skilled in the art are able to earn an income for their family when they receive their certificate of competence from the Quota Club.

Quota International’s New Delhi club allows its members to provide job skills training and primary school education to its local community. 


Relief Operations for the Philippines

As those in the Philippines are working to restore their communities following the aftermath of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda that hit the southern part of the Philippines in Oct/Nov 2013, relief efforts are now focused on helping to rebuild destroyed Day Care & Health Centers as well as public classrooms in the northern part of Cebu by the Quota clubs in that region.

In addition, clubs initiated a livelihood project for a small coastal community in northern Cebu where fishing is the island’s main source of revenue.  Plans are currently underway to donate 20 bancas – small outrigger fishing boats – to families to help them regain their livelihood.  Clubs are also assisting with the rehabilitation of condemned classrooms on the island of Bohol, that was also devastated by the earthquake. These are only a few of the projects being undertaken by Quota clubs in the Philippines.

Quota Clubs who are interested in giving to the District 41 Disaster Relief Fund should contact the Quota International office at for address and banking information.  District 41 Governor, Connie Garcia, along with the help of her leadership team, is heading the distribution of these donations.