Team Music Is Love

Christmas in July-Team Music Is Love
Region 16 members displaying their Stockings for Cancer

Country music singer Martina McBride started Team Music Is Love, a charitable initiative making the world a better place through music. For one day Quotarians joined Martina’s initiative at the Region 16 meeting, teaming up to fill stockings with gifts to relieve cancer patients going through treatment. The stockings will be donated to patients at Team Music Is Love’s Christmas in July celebration.

OrovilleQuota’s relationship with Team Music is Love was pioneered by the Oroville, California club. Members were invited to meet Martina at the California State Fair last August after their work in the community captured her attention. For more information about Team Music Is Love (formerly Team Martina), visit

Buckets of Love

Buckets of Love
Members of Quota International Region 9 fill Buckets of Love with goods.

One in three women has experienced physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime according to UN Women. In most cases the abuser is an intimate partner-someone who has earned the victim’s trust. The Combined Women’s Refuge Group (CWRG) in Queensland, Australia has spent the last 30 years advocating for women and children victims of domestic violence, and for Convention 2016 Quota International will partner with CWRG to create Buckets of Love. Following in the footsteps of Quotarians in Region 9, Buckets of Love will be filled with lightweight pajamas, books, games, diaries, and gift cards to help empower the abused women and children of Queensland.

Quota Cares Bears Cincinnati
Quota Cares Teddy Bears

For many years International Convention has been a platform for Quotarians to spread generosity throughout communities around the world through Service-on-Site projects. Past projects include Quota Cares Teddy Bears donations to police officers to give to children in need in Cincinnati; funds to support the Hawaii State Women’s Correctional Center’s life rehabilitation program; bags of clothing and toiletries for foster children and their foster families in Vancouver; and helping women gain and retain employment with Career Closet.

To learn more about how you can fill a Bucket of Love, please click here.

#PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day


March 8th is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. This year International Women’s Day honors the progress women have made over the years, and encourages us to take action to advance gender parity.

As the first international women-only service organization, Quota members have dedicated countless volunteer hours to support women around the world over the last 97 years. Many Quota clubs across Quota’s 12 countries are celebrating the achievements of women this year by hosting International Women’s Day breakfasts with guest speakers teaching empowerment, and using the proceeds to invest into the well-being of women in their local communities.

Join Quota International in making a ‪#‎PledgeForParity‬ to accelerate opportunities for women around the world on ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬, and every day.


Minute for Mission: Hear for Good



Monrovia Hearing Aid Fitting
Sharan Studavant is fitted for hearing aids donated by Quota International Grand Rapids


(Grand Rapids, MI, January 5, 2016) Quota International of Grands Rapids announces its first recipient of hearing aids from the Hear For Good program.

Sharan Sturdavant of Cedar Springs was fitted on December 29 at Kaczmarski Hearing Center with new hearing aids, at no cost to her. Ms. Sturdavant has suffered most of her life with hearing loss and there was never enough money for her to purchase new hearing aids. “I am so excited to tell my family and friends of this wonderful gift for Christmas!”

Ms. Sturdavant worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) to become eligible for the Hear for Good program developed by Martha Herman, President of Quota International of Grand Rapids. Quota collects used hearing aids and recycles them through Starkey, Inc. Starkey refurbishes the hearing aids and makes them available at lower cost for eligible individuals.

Hear For Good, a Quota program initiated in 2014, continues to receive donations of hearing aids for those who have limited resources to purchase them. The cost of new hearing aids can range from $1,000 to over $5,000. Quota’s donation sites for used hearing aids are set up throughout the Grand Rapids area. Reconditioned hearing devices are made available at no cost to the recipient through a partnership with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Kaczmarski Hearing Centers and Quota International of Grand Rapids.


For Information Contact:
Martha Herman

Honoring Alice Paul

Alice Paul protesting

January 11 marks the 131’st birthday of the late Alice Paul – an American feminist who made it her life’s work to fight for women’s rights. Paul served as a key campaign strategist in passing the Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote in the United States in 1920, one year after Quota International was founded.

Quotarians in Indiana, Pennsylvania honor Paul’s legacy each year by holding a silent auction fundraiser with all proceeds donated to the Alice Paul House, which promotes awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, and victimization. Over the last 12 years Quota members have donated $67 thousand to the Alice Paul House, providing a safe support system for victims in their community.

“There will never be a new world order until women are a part of it.” – Alice Paul

Program Highlights: Quotarians Celebrate Remembrance Day in Australia

The Quota Club of Tweed Heads/Coolangatta decided to do something in our community that was not a fundraising event, but a service project. The idea came to have a display of Poppies at our local Returned Soldiers League (RSL) for World War One Veterans. To honour the RSL, we asked the President if we could create the display at their Remembrance Day Service  on 11/11 at 11 am. We were greeted with open arms.

It was then time for us to knit and crochet the poppies. Quotarians started the project, and soon after we were joined by friends from our exercise and quilting classes who wanted to lend helping hands with knitting. Most of the helpers even turned up to view the display on the day. In the end, we made 1,327 poppies.

On Remembrance Day we joined nearly 200 returned soldiers for a two-course lunch funded by the Twin Towns Service Club. The RSL Sub Branch President, was so impressed that we were asked to do a similar display on Anzac Day in 2016 this is to be discussed.

Our club was very happy with our result, and this project opened up the opportunity for us to speak with locals and visitors about Quota International. This project started when one member had an idea and shared it, so let us all display the meaning of the word Quota and “SHARE.”

Submitted by Janet Ahrens, Region 11 Director


#GivingTuesday and How Quota International Improves the Lives of Children Worldwide

Giving Tuesday Header

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement to harness the collective power of philanthropy during the holiday season. On Tuesday, December 1 2015, organizations, businesses, and communities come together to celebrate and encourage giving. Quotarians across the globe have embodied the spirit of Giving Tuesday for nearly a century. In the last year Quota members:

  • Granted 500 scholarships to deaf and non-deaf students in 5 countries including three young deaf students in Georgia, USA who started university this fall through a scholarship program by Quotarians from Northside Atlanta.
  • Donated supplies to hundreds of schools internationally. In Massillon, Ohio, USA Quota International hosted a giveaway that provided over 450 students with backpacks, clothing, supplies, haircuts, and hearing screenings.
  • Benefitted over 500,000 abused, neglected, and needy children from newborn to 20 years of age in projects ranging from supporting medical treatments and supplies, job training, and hearing and speech clinics.

This Giving Tuesday honors the amazing work Quotarians have done in 2015 to improve the lives of children around the world. Click here to show your support and get involved in Giving Tuesday by joining Quota’s Thunderclap, which allows one single message to be mass-shared by an entire network of Quotarians and friends at the same time. Like a virtual flash mob, Thunderclap uses the power of the crowd. Please share this link with friends and family to amplify Quota’s mission beyond 5,000 members this Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday donations can also be made by visiting, or click the “donate” button on the right side of your screen. Help to create sound beginnings for children in over 260 communities worldwide.

Introducing: #Youth4Change

Through Quota’s Junior Quotarian (JQ) program, children and young adults have committed to changing their communities, and the world. Youth are vital in shaping the future, and April 17, Global Youth Service Day, serves as a day for them to shine. During April, youth around the world, JQs, and the Quotarians who mentor them will be featured on Quota’s social media using #Youth4Change and #GYSD2015.

Sioux City JQs
JQs in Sioux City, Iowa, USA lend sticky helping hands by dipping caramel apples for a Humane Society fundraiser.

Minute for Mission: Delivering Warmth

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Quotarians have been preparing care packages for homeless youth every winter for more than a decade.

The essence of winter and the holidays is warmth – warm hugs from the family, a warm fireplace, warm feelings of comfort. For youth who are homeless, this warmth is difficult to come by. Quotarians in Santa Fe, New Mexico have hand-wrapped special packages filled with jackets, socks, blankets, toiletries, soaps, and more to be given to youth at Street Outreach, a youth shelter. Thank you Quotarians for bringing warm smiles to children.

??????????Packages wrapped and ready for delivery. Photo by Holly Bostwick

Hats Off for Club Anniversaries

Quota International salutes the following Quota clubs in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand celebrating charter anniversaries in September.  Collectively, they have been changing lives in their communities for nearly 200 years.

Quota International of Flint, Michigan, USA – 70 Years
chartered on 21 September 1944
Quota International of Flint is especially known for their work with Quota’s Cops ‘n’ Kids literacy program.  Flint Quotarians work with local police departments for fundraising, and distribution of children’s books to local shelters and community centers. In addition, QI of Flint members host trivia nights, silent auctions, and golf outing fundraisers to support local programs empowering women and children.

Quota International of Paradise, California, USA – 40 Years 
chartered on 27 September 1974
QI of Paradise

Through their Backpacks for School project, Quota International of Paradise donates backpacks filled filled with supplies for local children, and brings the community together for a fun outdoor BBQ event for families to pick up the supplies. QI of Paradise holds yard sales, auctions, and, the most fun of them all, a Boys of Paradise fundraiser where local businessmen adorn themselves in women’s fashions from the 1940s era and are then photographed for the Boys of Paradise flyer. Members raised over $12,000 for the local Boys and Girls Club.

Quota International of Bateman’s Bay, New South Wales, Australia – 40 Years
chartered on 27 September 1974
In Australia, Quota International of Bateman’s Bay has been keeping busy packing and delivering Vial of Life kits for emergency responders, participating in Clean Up Australia Day, and donating over $3000 to assist with the purchase of a medical chair for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Quota International of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada – 30 Years 
chartered on 21 September 1984
Quota International of Penticton has been assisting women and children in their community from a Cups for the Cure awareness event to promote breast cancer research and recovery, a Hats Off to You evening donating almost $20,000 to service programs, and a free dental clinic to give the community access to affordable dental treatments.Penticton Cups for the Cure

Quota International of Auckland, New Zealand – 15 Years
chartered on 1 September 1999
Quota International of Auckland organizes an annual picnic to support Hearing House – a center that supports children with hearing loss and provides their families with resources and training. QI of Auckland has also raised funds to assist with the purchase of a medical device that treats brain and spinal tumors, prostate cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.

Thank you Quota clubs for changing lives empowering women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired in your communities.  Congratulations on this major accomplishment! 

Junior Quotarians Speak Up at Convention

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”  This quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead has been in my mind after having the honor of moderating a panel discussion of JQs during the 2014 Quota convention.

Junior Quotarians from L to R: Jordan, Hanna, Margie, McKenzie, and Emma at convention.  Photo provided by Quota International Region 1 Director Valerie Hall
Junior Quotarians from L to R: Jordan, Hanna, Margie, McKenzie, and Emma at convention. Photo provided by Quota International Region 1 Director Valerie Hall

Five young women – Hanna, Margie, McKenzie, Jordan and Emma — ranging in age from 13 to 18 – all had great stories to tell about their own JQ experience and offered tips to the Quotarians in attendance about how to start and how to best support a JQ in their own communities.

For some of the JQs, Quota was literally “in their blood” – they had grandmothers or aunts or mothers who were long-time Quotarians. However, one of the young women – Emma, age 13 — wanted to get involved with a JQ simply because she liked what she heard about the ways that Quota served the community and the world. Her JQ, mentored by QI of Estavan, Canada, is two years old and does both local service and raises funds for a service project in Africa through Beads of Awareness.

Several of the JQ mentors – adult Quotarians – explained how they got a JQ started. It was a true “labor of love” for these Quotarians, and reminded me of the famous Nike advertisements: Just Do It! Just ask, just get one or two young adults interested, and it will grow from there!

What do the JQs want from the mentoring club?

“Help us to grow,” they said. “Give us guidance and support us, but don’t impose a lot of rules. We want to do service, but JQ has to be FUN!”

It was interesting to see that one of the new JQs, just in the beginning stages, will be a regional JQ (Region 7), and the communication and meetings of the JQ members will take place via technology. This JQ is mentored by QI of Holyoke, MA, USA, and was charted on the same date as QI of Holyoke. Jordan and McKenzie, both 16, are excited about the opportunities to growth this JQ, and to help QI of Holyoke celebrate its 85th anniversary when the Region 7 JQ celebrates its first birthday!

Hanna’s JQ, now in its fourth year under the mentorship of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, has been doing service projects and hearing awareness programs of all types. This 14-year-old had a wonderful powerpoint to share with the group about her JQ and inspired us all!

Margie, 18, who just graduated from high school, was part of the founding group for her JQ, mentored by QI of Wooster, Ohio, USA. It’s a new group, but they have already been able to help children in the community and contribute to QI’s Service on Site program at Convention.

If I had any worries about the future of Quota, they have been put to rest by these wonderful young women!

Thank you to all the JQs and to all the mentoring clubs. I’m sure we’ll hear much more about these clubs and these outstanding young women in the future!

–Michelle Fryling, QI of Indiana, Pa. Inc., USA, Past East Area Director (2011-2014)