QI Gridley: Camp Fire Update

Quick Update on California Fires: How you can help is below!


So many members around the world have reached out asking how they can help, and it has been amazing to witness. Thank you all for being Quotarians and coming together during such a difficult time. You all belong to such a special organization and thank you for letting me get to play a role as well.  

QI Paradise Update

ALL of the Paradise members are confirmed safe. All have lost their homes (and everything inside), cars, those with businesses which were in Paradise. We still do not have confirmation that all their family members made it out.

QI Gridley Update and Needs

In addition to the immediate need for Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards. There is only a need for the P95 respirator masks with valves. Many of the Paradise evacuees were retirees and need a different level of lung protection.

The air quality is at a very dangerous level and the government is only providing basic N95 masks. Please make sure if you choose to send masks, they are those P95. 

ggridley6Cheapest can be found  at Home Depot (Click Here). These can be worn multiple times, but are disposable.

On Amazon, a box of 10 is $40 USD.  If you buy 5 packages of 2 from Home Depot – the cost is only $20. If you order $45 worth of merchandise from Home Depot — Shipping is Free. Those of you who are oversees and wanting to help, your amazon can ship to this address.

If you’re interested in ordering any of these or interested in sending gift cards, please send to the below address:

Quota International of Gridley

PO Box 144

Gridley CA 95948


email address: quotaclub@sbcglobal.net

Paradise & Gridley, California- Camp Fires

Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of Quota’s family who live near the major fire zones in California. The town of Paradise, California, home to QI of Paradise, was destroyed by flames from what is now known as the Camp Fire. We know that multiple numbers of members lost their homes, and we wait to hear about everyone’s welfare. We are hopeful that members in California and beyond who are in touch with our Paradise Quotarians will report news and photographs on our Quota International Facebook page as it is learned.


Meanwhile, the members of nearby QI of Gridley, California, who operate a thrift shop in their town, have opened their doors to fire evacuees so that they may pick up some needed clothing, after having lost their homes and possessions in the fire. California. We have heard that nearby members from nearby QI of Orrville are also helping by opening their homes to fire victims. Quota caring is alive and well in California.

Learn more about the Quota Thrift Shop in Gridley, by searching Quota International of Gridley, on Facebook.  All photos are courtesy of Quota International of Gridley.