Reflections on the 2014 Convention from International President Karen Murphy

Quota International Convention Open Session 1

Convention was a celebration on so many levels, with the highlights of the new Board of Directors installation and Regional Director installation shining brightly.  Congratulations to this new team!  Our new Board is truly international, with President-elect/Treasurer Marie Dobson-Dunlop (Canada), and Vice-Presidents Emilie Simon (Philippines), Jeanette Gray (Australia), and Cindy Hurd (USA).  “Click here” to read details of the new board members.

Our Regional Directors were installed by President Laura Lahman at a fun ceremony on Saturday, July 19th. They were awarded “a new car!” with GPS tracking devices to keep them on the path going forward, and to provide instructions when needed.   (Note: they were actually toy cars of various colours and sizes, however the helpful advice and direction will certainly be provided by the new Board and our QI Staff.)  The Regional Directors were presented with their new pins – square in shape and white in colour, mirroring the colour of my pin – we all form part of the same team, working together, for the next 2 years. We all share the same purity of purpose and hope for the future.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a celebratory buffet lunch in the Ballroom – in the famous Hall of Mirrors.

Convention highlights for me included our Key-Note Speaker Deputy Susie speaking about her journey as a deaf Police Officer and the opportunities this has brought her – through suffering adversity, there grows an inner strength of purpose. Deputy Susie has started groundbreaking projects in many areas over the years, since being awarded Quota International’s Deaf Woman of the Year in 1988, and now asks that we support and promote the new texting emergency calls for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, by texting Smart911 in the United States. Deputy Susie says, “If deaf people can text Smart911 and receive a text response, that will be invaluable.”  Members should check locally to see if texting Smart911 is available yet in their communities, or work towards getting it implemented.  Other countries might check to see if something similar is in force, or on the drawing board.

Quota International Convention Open Session 2

Another highlight was the Valedictory Speech by an extraordinary young deaf man – Evan Mercer of Georgia, USA – who moved most members to tears. Truly inspirational.  Evan began with the words: “I was born into a world of silence. I did not hear my mother’s first whispered words welcoming me into her life. I did not hear my father’s off-key lullabies as he coaxed me to sleep…3 months after my 3rd birthday, my deafness was discovered… Countless specialists told my parents that I would never learn to read past the 4th grade level. They informed my mom and dad that I would never learn to speak. My best, and probably only, chance at communication would be sign language…conquering one word at a time, I have grown from a boy never expected to master reading to a young man ranked number one in my class (of 494 students). Deafness will always be a part of my life, but I refuse to let it define me. Rather, I intend to be known as an intelligent happy, hard-working person – who just happens to be hearing-impaired.” 

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President’s Message: Moving Forward Together

Quota International President Karen Murphy“Quota International is a non-profit organization empowering women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired, in local communities around the world”

That’s our new Mission Statement as voted by our members at Convention 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was with exceptional pride that I stood before our members and received my President’s pin at installation banquet – I am humbled by the support received from each of you as members, in awe of the past leaders who have left the Quota legacy in our hands, and am determined to do my utmost to lead Quota forward to become a strong, mission-focused organization changing lives around the world. To each of you, that is my pledge.

Click here to read more of International President Karen Murphy’s first message since her installment at Convention 2014:

• New Mission Statement
• President’s Theme
• Vision for the Future
• Board Structure
• Mission Resources and more…

“Convention highlights the opportunities”

“Convention highlights the opportunities and benefits of belonging to an international organization.”

Many years ago, I first went to a Convention as a participant – a governor then a board member with the opportunity to make decisions for the future strength of our organization and that was a serious role not to be taken lightly.  I have always enjoyed the opportunity convention offers to travel and experience new cities and new countries – both at convention and following it.

Now, I go to Convention to meet again all of the friends I have made over the past 30 years’ of conventions and to appreciate the changes in Quota that each Convention brings.  I’m still enjoying new cities like Cincinnati.

Convention to me highlights the opportunities and benefits of belonging to an international organization – it makes me feel not only a global connector, but a global citizen.

–  Beris Pritchard, International President 1988-1989

Convention is a Celebration!

Convention is a Celebration of the “total Quota package!”  

This year, I would love to share this celebration with all my Quota friends from across the world – YOU are invited!  Our Convention starts with anticipation, excitement, and hope…members come together in friendship…we focus on our mission…we learn about service programs we can perform in our own communities…we celebrate Quota successes…we vote for our future leaders, and celebrate their installation…and we leave at the end with Quota hugs for all, a smile on our faces, and renewed hope in our hearts!

Quota Convention – a must on every Quota calendar!  Please join us this year!

— Karen Murphy, International President-elect/Treasurer 

Why do I like Convention?

I love to go to convention to recharge my batteries.  It is there that I recognize the sheer magnitude of how Quotarians around the globe actually CHANGE LIVES and have been doing so for 95 years!

Members have asked me to describe convention and I tell them that would be like trying to describe the Grand Canyon.  Convention cannot be described as the experience is different for everyone, but one thing for sure — you will NEVER regret having gone.  It is awe-inspiring!

There is something very-very special about being among 350 volunteers that are as passionate and care as deeply about our mission as I do!  It is exhilarating and humbling at the same time.

Laura Lahman, 2012-2014 International President 

Relief Operations for the Philippines: Phase 2

Clubs in the Philippines have been actively working on Phase 2 of rehabilitating, repairing, and rebuilding of damaged classrooms and school facilities following Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

QI of Cebu South – Relocating a classroom for 19 deaf students in Bantayan Central School, Bantayan Island, Northern Cebu has been finished and is being used by the students. On Jan. 25, a generator, construction materials, and food and water will be donated to displaced families in Concepcion, Iloilo City.

QI of Southwest Cebu – Two classrooms have been repaired, the Mental Retardation Room and Visually Impaired Room for 35 students of the SPED Dept. of Bantayan Central School, Bantayan Island, Northern Cebu. A blessing and inauguration is planned, but a definite date has not been set yet.

3QI of Metro Cebu – Wish Upon a Roof program is providing roofs on family homes for those located in Barangay Tabunan, Borbon, Northern Cebu.

QI of Manila South – The repairs to a day care center in the Municipality of Cortes, Bohol is nearly finished with inspection scheduled for 23 January along with an additional rehabilitation project in the town of Albuquerque.

QI of Negros Oriental – Donation of urgently needed roofs to poor families in the Municipality of Bayawan, Negros Oriental continues.

QI of Cebu – Donation of roofs to families with hard-of-hearing and deaf children in Bantayan Island, Northern Cebu has been delayed due to bad weather conditions. The repair of a day-care center in the town of Medellin will begin once cost estimates are received.

Livelihood and medical assistance is also being considered as part of the Phase 2 of District 41’s help. QI of Mandaue has a trip planned to Bantayan Island on 22 January to deliver fishing boats and QI of Manila South will be donating fishing boats to families living in the islands off Palawan.

Following up on a recent visit to Tacloban and Ormoc cities, District Governor Connie realized that there are still so many that need these kind of support.  Quota Clubs who are interested in giving to the District 41 Disaster Relief Fund should contact the Quota International office at for address and banking information.  District 41 Governor, Connie Garcia, along with the help of her leadership team, is heading the distribution of these donations.

January Club Anniversaries

Inspired to start a service club for women, Wanda Frey Joiner along with four female business executives led the charge forming Quota International.  Nearly 95 years later, 5,600 volunteers, women, men, and teens continue to share the mission of Quota, improving lives for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and disadvantaged women and children in 269 communities in 12 countries around the world.  Congratulations to the 16 clubs in 4 countries celebrating charter anniversaries in January. We salute you!

88 Years – QI of Winnipeg, Manitoba
MalaysiaQI Buffalo Charter B
20 Years – QI of Kuala Lumpur
1 Year – QI of Southwest Cebu
15 Years – QI of Mandaue
18 Years – QI of Las Piñas
37 Years – QI of Cebu
6 Years – QI of West Salem, Ohio
19 Years – QI of Venice, Florida
68 Years – QI of Southeast Texas, Texas
81 Years – QI of Woonsocket, Rhode Island
88 Years – QI of Morgantown, West Virginia
88 Years – QI of Waterloo, Iowa
89 Years – QI of Alliance, Ohio
90 Years – QI of Charleston, West Virginia
91 Years – QI of Lancaster, Ohio
92 Years – QI of Fairmont, West Virginia

Minute for Mission: Special Performance of “The Miracle Worker”

The character of Helen Keller, portrayed by Morgan Maggini (left), spells the word “water” for her teacher, Annie Sullivan, portrayed by Hannah Moore, students at Northview Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Students at Northview Public Schools put on a special interpreted performance of “The Miracle Worker,” William Gibson’s classic play about Helen Keller and the determined tutor Annie Sullivan, who teaches her to communicate.

Thanks to the support of Quota International of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and the Northview Education Foundation, more than 150 deaf and hard of hearing students and staff, including college students studying to be interpreters attended this special performance of “The Miracle Worker.”  Read more about this event and its impact at the School News Network.