October President’s Message

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Dear Quota Members,

A new Quota day, a new Quota year has begun. As you may have heard, Quota’s fiscal year made a change, moving from a May 1 to an October 1 opening. We’re making a fresh start throughout our organization, and I’m so glad you are a part of it.

Times may change, but the power of Quota service endures. Your Board of Directors is working hard to secure our organization’s future going forward. I am heartened by the testimonials that have started reaching us – your e-mails, your phone calls, and the testimonials some of you have left on the Quota Team blog in response to my previous President’s Message. Thank you very much for sharing your Quota caring in these ways.

In this message, I wish to report on some of the new cost-cutting measures your Board has taken. First, we have made major cuts in our staffing budget, which means we are moving forward with a much smaller, but dedicated and very hardworking team.

Second, during this interim period while your Board studies new directions for Quota’s structure and operations, we are looking for cuts we can make to our existing expenses. The biggest of these is a major decrease in travels this new fiscal year. Your Board is looking at other ways for ensuring international representation at the 2019 Regional Meetings at no cost to Quota International. In addition, your Board is planning to meet in person only once a year starting this December 2018.  Instead, we are meeting frequently via monthly conference calls. It is quite an interesting experience as some Quota Board Members are just waking up and others are heading for their pillows after the call is over. I am so grateful for the flexible natures of Quota’s leadership team enabling us to work in this way.

I reported previously that audit reports for fiscal years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 were underway. Your Board has received and reviewed drafts, and work on them is finishing up. We will share them as soon as they are complete. In addition, we continue to increase our reliance on volunteer assistance for projects that we used to rely upon our staff for. I have so appreciated the offers of assistance that have come to my attention.

Please know that your Board is very hard at work on discussing new directions for Quota International, which can ensure that we will be here to serve the world community going forward. I shall continue to report decisions to you as they occur.

I, for one, am counting my many Quota blessings as we work towards creating a second century of Quota service. Thank you for caring about our organization in the way that you do.


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President

President’s Message

Blog President Emilie Installation Speech

Dear Quota Members,

I am writing to give you an update on the 2018-2019 Board of Director’s important work in strengthening our organization for a new century of Quota.

As we celebrate 100 years of serving our communities in Quota’s name, your Board of Directors is working hard to reposition our beloved organization to better reflect the realities guiding how we must operate. Here is a report on ways we are moving Quota forward, as well as some ways you, too, can make a difference this month and this year.

First, I reached out to a select group of Quota members who possess special talents and skills in the accounting field. They assisted our board on a volunteer basis in assessing and interpreting financial data that had been made available at Convention 2018 in Washington, DC. The interpretations they shared have been invaluable.

Second, your Board of Directors requested that missing audits for the fiscal years of 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 be completed and submitted to the Board of Directors. We are expecting them shortly and we will share this financial information with you. Your Board is committed to transparency in our finances.

Third, your Board of Directors made the decision to make a change in the staff leadership at the Quota International office. As you now know, former staff member Nancy Fitzpatrick returned to assist us on an interim basis while we assess exactly where we are with our finances and how best to move forward. We have appreciated Nancy’s willingness to step in at this critical time.

Fourth, we are a volunteer organization! Just as I asked a small group of very talented Quotarians to assist with assessing our financial reports, so will I be reaching out from time to time in the coming year inviting members to help us on specific, limited-time projects. In the coming years I see the owners of our organization – you and I – taking a greater role in meeting more of our international needs.

We have big decisions to make as an organization, but I know we are up to the task. I am proud of this Board of Director’s actions in two short months.

I am asking you to join in our effort. What actions can you take while we work hard to reposition Quota in the coming year?

First, join with us in embracing change. The most important aspect of your Quota experience, your club, will always remain the way you and your fellow members define it. Our goal is to protect both your international and your local experience

Second, recruit one new member. If every Quotarian in every club recruited just one member by December 1, we would be well on our way to a second successful century. The world needs our special kind of Quota caring. Reach out for your club. Reach out for Quota. I look forward to personally thanking you for growing our family.

Third, consider investing in our organization’s rebirth by making an online donation towards Quota International’s future. Your generosity will help us make the leap not only to a new day, but a new century of service. Should you wish to target your donation to a specific Quota donations program (Wanda Frey Joiner for development and growth or We Share Foundation for service) e-mail staff@quota.org. Installment plans are available for any size donation.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you for caring about our organization and teaming up with us as we move forward.


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 International President