Highlights from March’s All Leadership Calls

Quotarians at their Quarter Auction fundraiser in Lake County, Ohio – Photo submitted by Club President Karen Gridley

Washington, DC, April 3rd, 2018 – Special thanks to all who joined us at our March All Leadership Calls.  We had a great turn out, and those who came not only received the latest news, but also a wide variety of ideas for service projects, fundraisers, and community involvement.  A brief summary of items shared is below.  If you’d like to participate in April’s calls, click here to register!

Ideas shared by Club Presidents on the Call*

Service Projects

  • Lake County, USA: Easter Egg hunt with activity stations (including a large pool filled to the brim with Easter Grass – kids love it!).
  • Massillon, USA: Low-cost speech clinic this summer through partnership with local university.
  • Brisbane City, Australia: Donation to local school in need of a bus – Quota logo to go on back door of bus.
  • Ottawa, Canada: Signing Santa at local playroom (think Chuck E Cheese in the U.S.), made possible by sponsorships from local companies and featured on local TV station.
  • Canton, USA: Quota Bears to children who testify in court, and other agencies who wouldn’t normally get donations like these.
  • Leisure Coast, Australia: “Pre-loved” over-the-ear hearing aid drive.  Hearing aids are fixed for free at local repair shop and donated worldwide.
  • Salisbury, USA: Book drives and FREE book stations at community events.
  • Barrie, Canada: Community picnic for senior citizens who have no family nearby.
  • Huronia, Canada: Hygiene product drive for local women’s shelter.

“We can easily give away 1,000 books at a single parade. We find that giving away 1 book typically yields us about 10 books!  Families become aware of our club and the service we do, and begin sending their books to us as their children age.”

– Mary Burroughs, Club President, Quota International of Salisbury

Fundraising Events

  • Morro Bay & Bismark-Mandan, USA: Bunco Night!
  • Wilmington, USA: “Beef & Beer” Fundraiser
  • Minneapolis, USA: Quota Royale! (Casino night – usually raises $10,000 – $15,000)
  • Bristol, USA: Cocktail Party & Fashion Show
  • Flint, USA: Traditional Tea & Live Auction (usually raises $6,000 – $11,000)
  • Central Oregon, USA: Golf Tournament for women with disabilities (raised $10,000 last year)


  • Southeast Texas, USA: Club leadership retreat to re-engage members and just have fun!
  • Plantation, USA: Guest speakers invited to present at Quota Club meetings.  This increases awareness and encourages partnership with people and businesses in the community.  It also brings new ideas to our club, and hopefully new members!
  • Massillon, USA: Car decals for all members to increase visibility of club around town.
  • Barrie, Canada: Hired a young lady to manage our Facebook page as well as other social media and web platforms.  This will help get the word out about our club.
  • Leisure Coast, Australia & Massillon, USA: Focusing our club goals on deaf, hearing- and speech-impaired individuals sets us apart from other service organizations who all seem to be serving women and children.

“It all comes back to speech and hearing and women and children.  People are really impressed with that.”

-Karen Binstead, Region 14 Director, Quota International of Leisure Coast

*This list of ideas shared is in no way comprehensive!  Many more ideas were shared and discussed at the calls. If you’d like to share your ideas, join us next time.  If you’d like your idea featured, send photos and information to staff@quota.org and we’ll feature you in an upcoming article!  (Or, if you’d prefer, write your own and submit that.)

In the words of President Marie, who joined us on a few calls despite her busy schedule,

“Thank you so much for taking the time to be on this call. We are listening and will take what we have heard back to the board to discuss implementation.”

-International President Marie Dobson-Dunlop

If you would like to be a part of the idea-sharing that these inspiring and informational calls make possible, join us at our next one by registering here.

Thank you for all that you do! 

Lisa Schlosser
Membership Coordinator,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

“Welcome Bags” and Bead Craft Lessons Bring Hope

Kuala Lumpur HIH Photo Collage

Washington, DC, March 27th, 2018 – Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ensure better health and well-being for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking being served by the Women’s Aid Organisation shelter.  In partnership with each other, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), RC Deaf Missions Malaysia (RCDM), and Quota International of Kuala Lumpur are making real progress in their efforts to provide life coaching and job skills to women.

Last year this included 63 women and 70 children who either came to the WAO shelter of their own accord or, in the case of victims of human trafficking, were sent by police.

Welcome bags for WAO

With this $2,000 Hand-in-Hand grant money, Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur will continue to prepare “welcome bags” containing a bath towel, toothbrush, toiletry pouch, as well as hotel hygiene amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and soap, all donated by friends and Quota club members who have saved these items from recent hotel stays.  Along with each batch of 30 welcome bags supplied to the WAO shelter, members in Kuala Lumpur will also donate sanitary napkins, panties, and extra towels to help provide for the needs associated with feminine hygiene.

In addition, the Hand-in-Hand grant money will also be used to support workforce development thru lessons in bead craft for the women which will enable them to provide for themselves and their families after leaving the shelter.  Quota International of Kuala Lumpur will supply materials such as beads, pliers, crimps, beading cord, and needles that each woman can take with her upon leaving the shelter.

Lastly, Quotarians in Kuala Lumpur have also reached out to a local yoga instructor who will be conducting weekly yoga lessons for these women to further improve their health and well-being.

Sisters who received hearing aidsThank you to all who have contributed to Quota International’s Hand-in-Hand Fund.  Your monies combine to make projects like these possible.  It’s through your generosity and the help of members in Kuala Lumpur that women escaping domestic violence and human trafficking are receiving hope for the future and hope in humanity again.

For more information on World Service Hand-in-Hand projects, click here.

Thank you for all that you do! 

Lisa Schlosser
Membership Coordinator,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

Quota Club Marketing Materials Now Available


March 23rd, 2018 –  As a result of the wonderful feedback received and ideas shared at February’s “All Leadership Call”, new marketing materials have been created to help our clubs raise their profiles within the community.  Many clubs have found that “take-away” materials, such as business cards or brochures, at community events and service projects have been very helpful in increasing publicity as well as recruitment.

In addition, other club leaders mentioned their desire for Quota International to provide an updated supply of professional marketing materials.  They felt that this would ensure a positive first (or continuing) impression within each club’s community.

Thank you SO MUCH to those leaders who took the time to participate in our call and provide this valuable information!  Club leaders who joined the call with questions about increasing or improving their club’s publicity were likewise inspired by the ideas you shared.



Through the work of our Membership Team since that call, the following resources have been created and are now available for all to use:

  • Membership Recruitment Brochure (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Signature Club Projects Brochure (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Posters  – 2 Different Styles (A1, 18×24)*
  • Stationary for Fliers, Mailings, etc. – 4 Different Styles (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Business Cards – 5 Different Styles*
    • *Step-by-step instructions for customizing with your information & then ordering business cards & posters on VistaPrint.com also included!

Due to the number of documents in this collection of marketing materials, files have not been linked to this post, but can be found HERE.

In conclusion, we hope that these customizable marketing materials help bring consistent, professional branding to your Quota club’s activities, thereby increasing recognition and recruitment in the future.  We also look forward to hearing from Club Presidents at our next Club Presidents Call on March 29th!