Quota World Mourns Loss of PIP Charlotte Schamadan


Charlotte Ann Schamadan, who served as Quota International’s 1997-1998 President, passed away on December 21, 2018, at the age of 69. The seeds that created Charlotte’s presidential theme, “Celebrating Our Diversity, Honoring Our Unity,” were sown at a young age. Growing up deaf, Charlotte was raised in a suburban Los Angeles apartment building with people of all ages, races, religions, abilities, and income levels living together in harmony. This environment primed Charlotte for a lifelong adventure of seeking the best in people regardless of whom or what they are, or where they started life’s journey.

Past International President (PIP) Charlotte’s journey with Quota began in 1983 when she joined QI of Monrovia-Duarte in California, U.S.A., and where she found a natural outlet for her skills and quick wit. She worked hard on behalf of Quota’s hearing and speech mission from the start – both locally and globally. Moving quickly through the club, district, and area leadership ranks, Charlotte became International President in July 1997 at Quota’s Convention in Auckland, New Zealand.

A great believer in the power of encouragement, then President Charlotte wrote about that belief in the 1998 Quotarian magazine, a message which holds a powerful truth for today’s Quota members around the world:

“…Making an effort to encourage someone else can have lifelong impact. When I was asked to join Quota, it was to be an ‘encourager.’ Did I think I had some assets to bring to Quota? Yes. Did it make me feel good that someone else thought so, too? You betcha!”

“I didn’t have a clue that my Quota life would take me so far, but it certainly gave me a boost when I joined and met others who continue to inspire me along the way. A few encouraging words, a pat on the back, a smile of recognition, ‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless….’”

 “As I enter the second half of my presidential year, I encourage each of you to increase the membership numbers in your club, to carry on the positive action programs that help and inspire others, and to be grateful, as I am for every chance to reach personal fulfillment with the loving care and support of Quota friends.”

PIP Charlotte held degrees in graphic design and art. Over the years, she worked with her husband Lee in a copywriting and design business, wrote a column for a local newspaper, and hosted a cable television talk show. Her service to her home city of Monrovia was legendary, and included a run for the Monrovia City Council (she lost). Charlotte received honors for her many contributions including the awarding of the California State Legislature’s Woman of the Year and Monrovia’s Citizen of the Year.

Charlotte Ann Schamadan cared about her community and Quota, and her life is a testament to the difference one person can make in our world. Her family has requested that donations in her memory be made to Quota International’s Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund or the Monrovia Public Library in California.

Read a heartwarming remembrance of Past International President Charlotte Schamadan written by Tyler Shaun Evains and published by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Share your fondest memories of Past International President Charlotte Schamadan in the comments section below.




5 thoughts on “Quota World Mourns Loss of PIP Charlotte Schamadan

  1. My memories of Charlotte are many and I’d like to share two with my fellow Quotarians. When we held our 1998 Convention in Vail, CO, temperatures were quite a bit warmer than usual that summer.
    Most rooms at the hotel were not air conditioned, including the President’s Suite that Pres. Charlotte was in. One night it was so hot that Pres. Charlotte was working on the patio outside her room “in the buff” when a hotel security guard on patrol stopped by and asked her for ID. Heaven only knows where he thought she was carrying it! I don’t recall how Charlotte resolved his concerns, but she had
    great fun sharing the story with all convention attendees, from the podium, the next morning. Her sense of humor was boundless, even when the joke was on her.

    Charlotte was skilled at many things, some of which were unexpected. At a District 9 conference in Santa Fe, NM, she was sitting at the head table with MA Martell. At one point in the evening, we looked up to see both of them with spoons, bowls down, resting on their noses. (Somewhere, I have the picture to prove it.) This was a “talent” shared by MA & Charlotte and they didn’t mind if we got a
    good laugh out of it.

    Though this dear lady may no longer be with us, her light will shine on. Especially in the world of Quota. It was both a blessing and a pleasure to have Charlotte in my life. She is loved and missed.

    Holly P. Bostwick
    Santa Fe, NM

  2. Thank you Nancy a very sad loss of a fantastic Quotarian Charlottes quick wit and generous heart will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

    Denise Rowell Sent from my iPhone

  3. Charlotte was so committed to Quota! And so much fun to be around. I remember her telling us at a District 9 conference in Colorado that she had a six-booth range – while sitting in a restaurant, she was able to read lips from up to six booths away. What a woman. I am sad that she’s gone and very grateful to have known her.

  4. Charlotte was amazing. I always say that it was a deaf woman who taught me how to listen. She told me that people don’t give their full attention to what a speaker is saying. The listener typically has tuned out the speaker to think about what they are going to say next instead of really listening to the person talking to them. When she told me this I thought….she’s right, I do that, but I changed. I changed when listening to my friends, I changed my way of listening to my spouse and I changed how I listened to my child. She also taught me how to speak to a deaf person. I realized that I needed to look directly at her and enunciate. This was reinforced with some of my deaf and hard of hearing friends. And now, as my hearing decreases I understand even more. If Charlotte’s life was meant to teach us then at least for me she certainly achieved that. I say again, she was amazing. The world is a less interesting place without her in it.

  5. I heard Charlotte at the convention in Florida many years ago. She was an inspiration and our club began benefiting the hearing dog project. I have never forgotten her and have told her story many times. God will be with her on her new adventure with her Lord. Maurine Johnson, Paradise Club.

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