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I am the Director of Region 7 (New England, USA), I am sharing a letter with the entire membership that I wrote to the members of my region. After receiving a copy, International invited me to share it with you. It is my hope it will help others to look at the Board of Director’s Donation Appeal from my perspective.

Cynthia Racic, QI of Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA, Region 7 Director


November 2, 2018

Dear Fellow Quotarians:

I have been a member of Quota for 36 years and during that time the organization has had its ups and downs because of rising costs and drop in membership.  The current dues are not enough to cover all the operational costs of running the International organization.  In years past clubs gave to the Wanda Frey Joiner Fund and the We Share Foundation on a yearly basis, but I believe even these donations are down.

When I first joined Quota, the club I joined had 55 members, but over time our numbers dropped.  When my members finally made the decision to disband, I was the current Governor and asked to keep the charter and convinced a handful of members to stay with me.  We continued on for another 5 or 6 years but once we were down to 4 members with one of those being 90+ we finally had to make the decision to call it quits.  However, I was not willing to leave the organization I love and believed in and so I became a Member-at-Large.  I soon found I felt very disconnected, and with no more clubs in New Hampshire, I looked to the closest club to me in Massachusetts and today this is where you find me – your current Regional Director.

I know our main goal is to help the needy of our communities, but sometimes we have to help “family” first and Quota is our family.  The timing of this request was not the best coming on the heels of having just paid dues, but is there ever a good time to request something like this?  I also realize not all members are in a position to donate $100.00 and that is exactly what this is – it’s a request – not a demand.  Perhaps instead of individual donations, your club can have one fund raiser that the funds are targeted for this Quota International appeal, perhaps a spaghetti supper or a pancake breakfast, etc.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that Quota can and has made a difference for people in need:  scholarships for students, hearing aids and education, food for the hungry and more.  Every club has helped their area in unique ways.  Those needs continue and a healthy Quota will be in a better position to help.

An appeal was made separately to the Regional Directors as individuals and I have already committed to a donation.  As a member of the Lawrence Club, I will participate as a club member in addition to my personal donation as Regional Director, however my club decides, to help the organization I have believed in for 36 years to continue.

Let’s all take a breath and step back and instead if being angry with our “parent”, look for ways to help them through this rough patch.  All of our individual clubs have been there.  The current International Board is taking steps to get us back on course, but like everything else it takes time for changes to make an effect and that is why they are making this appeal.

Quota International has been an important champion for our causes and I feel this organization needs to remain viable to further our much needed assistance for all these individuals we help.  Please look into yourself and find it in your hearts to help keep this organization viable going forward.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  I don’t guarantee I will have the answers, but I will do my best to get them.  Let’s pull together and make this happen.  Your new board is committed to keeping Quota alive and moving forward.

Yours in Quota,

Cynthia Racic

Region 7 Director

3 thoughts on “My Perspective…

  1. Very well said. As an active member for over 50 yrs and mal for 10.I feel so sad that we are now in this position. QUOTA has been a very important part of my life and I hope all members will support our board in their endeavours to Save Quota International.

  2. I am very heartened to read your letter and I congratulate you on your leadership, writing to each of your clubs. I would have greatly appreciated that from our Regional Director. The points you make are valid and true for so many of us and we have been such very hard workers for those in need in our own communities and abroad.
    Thank you

    1. Nancy,
      Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you found the first article in our Quota Centennial series interesting. PIP Beris Pritchard is a wonderful writer and her Quota knowledge is incredibly detailed. I recognize that the news of late has been difficult, and celebrating Quota’s Centennial year is a wonderful reminder of the lives that have been changed, and in some cases, saved, because Quotarians have cared so deeply for 100 years.

      Nancy Fitzpatrick
      Interim Executive Director

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