Bylaws Make it Possible to Change Lives

Zeist - Winner - Edited INTL Photo 2017 WIDE
Quota members in Zeist, Netherlands, partnered with service clubs to provide safe drinking water for Rwanda students – International Photo Contest 2017 submitted by Mariette Elling

Washington, DC, April 27th, 2018 – Quota International’s Bylaws make it possible for Quotarians to change lives around the world.  For nearly 100 years, Quota’s Bylaws have provided the structure, the safety, and the security, to guide 5,000 members empowering women and children and the deaf and hard of hearing in local communities around the world.

Guidance from A to Z

From Alstonville to Zeist, members come together to serve others and make the world a better place for women and children in desperate need.  Without Quota’s Bylaws, the students in Rawanda pictured above might not have clean drinking water.  With 233 million children living in poverty in Quota’s 14 countries, Quota needs Bylaws that provide the structure making it possible to change more lives.

Bylaw Amendments Submitted

Over a dozen Bylaw Amendments addressing a wide range of changes were submitted by Quota Leaders in Australia and the United States and reviewed by the Bylaw Committee.  The approved memo and packet is available below.  These amendments will be voted on in-person by the delegates on Wednesday afternoon, July 11th, 2018, at Convention.  Submissions came from Quota International of Beenleigh, Brisbane City, Redcliffe, and Jimboomba in Australia and Region 2 in the United States.

Approved Amendments

2018 Bylaw Committee Memo
Click Here for 8.5×11 Memo or A4 Memo

2018 Bylaw Amendment Packet
Click Here for Approved 8.5×11 Packet or Approved A4 Packet

Leaders are invited to learn more about the Bylaw Amendments by participating in the All Leadership Conference Call the last week of  May.  The Call will share the importance of the Bylaws Amendments and how they can help Quota International and Quota Clubs make a greater impact around the world.

Click Here to Register for the
May 2018 All Leadership Conference Call

The May All Leadership Call will focus on the Bylaw Amendments.  All voting delegates going to Convention are invited to register: Club Presidents, Regional Directors, International Board members, and Past International Presidents.  The call will review and answer questions about the proposed Bylaw Amendments that delegates will be voting for or against at Convention on July 11th.  Your voice and votes do count.

These leadership calls are a valuable resource, in addition to sharing great ideas, they also provide opportunities to learn more about the international operations. Those who participate receive detailed notes of what was shared on the call.

Click Here to Register for the
May 2018 All Leadership Conference Call

Barbara Schreiber,
Executive Director
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

2 thoughts on “Bylaws Make it Possible to Change Lives

  1. Hi Barbara

    Will it be possible for past RD’s to participate, even as a listener? Off the back of our terms, we would be in a position to clarify things for our incoming RD’s who mostly will only just be in their new roles.

    I will forward this on to our incoming RD, Lois Watson.

    Kind regards


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