Quota Club Marketing Materials Now Available


March 23rd, 2018 –  As a result of the wonderful feedback received and ideas shared at February’s “All Leadership Call”, new marketing materials have been created to help our clubs raise their profiles within the community.  Many clubs have found that “take-away” materials, such as business cards or brochures, at community events and service projects have been very helpful in increasing publicity as well as recruitment.

In addition, other club leaders mentioned their desire for Quota International to provide an updated supply of professional marketing materials.  They felt that this would ensure a positive first (or continuing) impression within each club’s community.

Thank you SO MUCH to those leaders who took the time to participate in our call and provide this valuable information!  Club leaders who joined the call with questions about increasing or improving their club’s publicity were likewise inspired by the ideas you shared.



Through the work of our Membership Team since that call, the following resources have been created and are now available for all to use:

  • Membership Recruitment Brochure (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Signature Club Projects Brochure (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Posters  – 2 Different Styles (A1, 18×24)*
  • Stationary for Fliers, Mailings, etc. – 4 Different Styles (A4, 8.5×11)
  • Business Cards – 5 Different Styles*
    • *Step-by-step instructions for customizing with your information & then ordering business cards & posters on VistaPrint.com also included!

Due to the number of documents in this collection of marketing materials, files have not been linked to this post, but can be found HERE.

In conclusion, we hope that these customizable marketing materials help bring consistent, professional branding to your Quota club’s activities, thereby increasing recognition and recruitment in the future.  We also look forward to hearing from Club Presidents at our next Club Presidents Call on March 29th!

Thank you for all that you do! 

Lisa Schlosser
Membership Coordinator,
Quota International, Inc.
We Share Foundation

3 thoughts on “Quota Club Marketing Materials Now Available

  1. Fantastic! This is perfect, however are we able to also have them available in a version that is NOT PDF? The clubs will need to enter their club name in the poster, or their contact details on the Business Card…thank you in anticipation

    1. Hi Karen, thank you so much!

      Most printers require high-resolution PDF’s when printing business cards or posters, which is why this format was used. To add club names to posters or name & contact info to business cards, the easiest way is to do this through VistaPrint.com. To make this doable for those who haven’t used VistarPrint.com or aren’t comfortable with it, I have created step-by-step instructions* including photos of which buttons to push, etc. for doing this on VistaPrint’s website.

      If another printer is preferred, the company you choose will be able to help you with inserting text into these templates. Otherwise, someone in the club will need to be skilled at using Photoshop to edit them as desired. Again, I think the easiest option is to follow the instructions* for VistaPrint or have your chosen printer do it for you.

      *INSTRUCTIONS & SAMPLES have been created for business cards & posters and can be found in their respective folders in the Google Drive folder linked in the blog post.

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