We’re here for each other – that’s why we are Quotarians

Coral Springs - Teddy Bears in Box IPC 2015 Wide

2015 International Photo – Quota Cares Teddy Bears, by Coral Springs/Parkland

Dear Quota Friends of Region 8 USA – February 20th, 2018

This past week has been unbearable for us all near and far of Parkland, Florida.

These are the victims of the Florida school shooting: CNN

We are all asking the same question – what can we do?  At this time I have been told that there are no straight answers to this question.  We have to do what is in our hearts. Some have attended rallies, some attended vigils, and some are making donations on the Go Fund Me Page.  But the one thing I know each of us is doing – praying for the victims, injured and survivors of this mass shooting.

I’ve been in touch with Past International Vice President, Cindy Hurd because their club is right in the backyard of Parkland, being Quota of Coral Springs/Parkland.  They are all having a rough time.

I thought if as many of us as possible in our clubs could either email or mail a card or message, it would let them know that their friends of Quota Region 8 and beyond are thinking of them.  I did email a card from all of us at Quota Region 8, but individual or club cards/messages would be great too.

If you would, please ask your members to email a message to staff@quota.org to the attention of Quota of Coral Springs/Parkland or put a card in the mail and I will get everything to them at once — contact staff@quota.org for my mailing address.  Please send to me by the last day of the month so they will have everything by their meeting, the first week of March.

Thank you all so much.  We’re here for each other.  That’s why we are Quotarians!

Elinor Adler
Region 8 Director
Quota International of Plantation
Florida, United States

6 thoughts on “We’re here for each other – that’s why we are Quotarians

  1. The members of Quota of the Leisure Coast situated in the Wollongong area of NSW Australia send their deepest sympathy to all those effected by this terrible tragedy and wish you all caring comfort during this sad time.

  2. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and sense of loss this tragedy has caused, I can only pray that those affected are given the strength and courage to eventually move beyond it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. All members of Quota Int. of Gloucester NSW Australia send our love and prayers to surround and hold you as your community struggles with this dreadful event. Please know that we care deeply and that our hearts are with you.

  4. Quota Intl. of Cebu of Region 19 sympathizes with the families of victims of such a horrific deeds. The sufferings in mind and spirit of those left behind must be so terrible. We would like to express that we do care and that no matter how far we are, we are thinking of you with the prayers that you will be able to surpass this and have the courage to move on.

  5. Quota International of Bismarck-Mandan (North Dakota) sends our prayers as you struggle through these difficult times. We can see the pain on the faces of so many innocent individuals. As Quota Sisters we give you a big hug and want you to know that we are thinking of you and will continue to pray for not only your courage but everyone’s to make it through another tragic event in our County.

  6. All members of QI Redcliffe Inc. in Region 13, Queensland, Australia have your community in our thoughts and prayers. We hope all these messages will give you strength to carry on and support your community members who are suffering. We have been very moved by the courage of the survivors and parents of victims in speaking out to force change. We stand with you.

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