Celebrating the Strength of Quotarians

Gloucester Club 99th celebration
Members from Quota International of Gloucester celebrated Quota’s 99th Birthday on February 6th. (Back: L to R; Val Pritchard, Margaret Andrews, Club President Helen Parsons, and Helen Whan – Front: L to R; Claire Reynolds, Pamela Stewart and Charter Member Daphne Croker.)

What Makes Quota Strong?

by Past District Governor, Claire Reynolds, Gloucester, NSW, Australia

Have you noticed that the members keep in touch,
Remember birthdays, achievements and such?
That’s caring and it keeps a club strong.

Have the fundraising and functions seem to ‘gel’
Because you all turn up and do your bit as well?
That’s commitment and it keeps a club strong.

Does each member sing the song
About how good it is to belong?
That’s promotion and it keeps the club strong.

And if folk have need of care…..
Are your members always there?
That’s compassion and it keeps a club strong.

When you all work together for your goal
To achieve the ideals of Quota as a whole,
That’s unity of purpose and it’s what keeps Quota Strong.

Quota International of Gloucester was chartered in 1965 in New South Wales, Australia.  The club’s 21 members donate more than $4,000 in their Township each year from funds raised at their Christmas Puddings and Baby Show.  The Gloucester members are known for their support of deaf and hard of hearing services and women and children including The Quota SPA Scholarship Programme, Sound Amplification Systems, Kids Deaf Camp, Cochlear Implant Support and Quota Cares Teddy Bears. 

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