Message from the President – A Special Gift of Friendship, Fellowship, and Love

President's Message Dec 17 Fargo - Honorable Mention
Santa tells a little girl “I love you” at a Signing Santa event for deaf children hosted by Quotarians in Fargo, North Dakota – 2016/2017 International Photo finalist, submitted by Linda Ehlers, PCP 

President’s Christmas Message, December 2017 – I would like to wish each of you and your families a Very Blessed Christmas.  You will also be receiving my President’s Message soon; but for now I want to make this a personal message.

Since my last Christmas Message Tim and I have adjusted very well to downsizing and living in a small three bedroom apartment.  We do not have to worry about snow removal and maintaining a house.  We had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land last February.  A life time experience that we hope to revisit again in 2019.

As I reflect back on this past year,  I need to thank my Board of Directors and our Executive Director, Barbara Schreiber for all their hard work, their patience in working through the many challenges that we faced.  Having run my own businesses, I realize that as much as we want to accomplish specific tasks procedures have to take precedence.  I am fully aware of the many comments made about our finances and I do not feel that the board nor the office need to make any apologies for the delay.  It took longer that we expected but I am sure that the end product will be more than satisfying to all our members.  I commend our staff and the professionals in doing their due diligences in developing a detailed transparent set of Financial Statements that will be made public in January.

Moving forward you will be hearing about projects and endeavours many of our clubs are pursuing in service in their communities.  Our biggest challenge is that of all service organizations around the world, that of recruiting new members.  It is interesting to see how the next generation, the Millennials look at service. These individuals are the age range of many of our children or grandchildren.  Time management is very important.  They struggle with, managing their working life as professional women, their family involvement,  and personal time which doesn’t leave much time for service.

In Opening the Doors to Quota we need to be part of the new Millennials, we have to rethink how service can be done thru their eyes.  Social Media, and technology need to be a critical part of Quota International moving into the future.

I want to give all of you a special Christmas gift of Friendship, Fellowship and Love.  May I extend this gift to all of our Quota Countries as we say goodbye to 2017 and embrace the best of 2018.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Your fellow Quotarian,

Marie Dobson-Dunlop
International President 2016-2018

2 thoughts on “Message from the President – A Special Gift of Friendship, Fellowship, and Love

  1. Thank you, Marie. A very Merry Christmas to you and Tim. 2018 will see Quota grow by one more Junior Quota Club as I have some new young friends interested in giving back to the community in Peterborough. Right now, Kaylee and I are looking at having a Harry Potter Marathon for recruiting. We are asking each young person who comes to bring a puppy for Bosley’s Puppies, our Quota cares month’s project. We are calling it “Pizza, Popcorn and Pop for Potter and Puppies. Still excited for Quota after 25 years of service.

  2. Thank you President Marie, board members, and the wonderful staff for your continued service and support to Quota International. A very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year. 🎄🍾🎅🏻

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