#GivingTuesday and How Quota International Improves the Lives of Children Worldwide

Giving Tuesday Header

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement to harness the collective power of philanthropy during the holiday season. On Tuesday, December 1 2015, organizations, businesses, and communities come together to celebrate and encourage giving. Quotarians across the globe have embodied the spirit of Giving Tuesday for nearly a century. In the last year Quota members:

  • Granted 500 scholarships to deaf and non-deaf students in 5 countries including three young deaf students in Georgia, USA who started university this fall through a scholarship program by Quotarians from Northside Atlanta.
  • Donated supplies to hundreds of schools internationally. In Massillon, Ohio, USA Quota International hosted a giveaway that provided over 450 students with backpacks, clothing, supplies, haircuts, and hearing screenings.
  • Benefitted over 500,000 abused, neglected, and needy children from newborn to 20 years of age in projects ranging from supporting medical treatments and supplies, job training, and hearing and speech clinics.

This Giving Tuesday honors the amazing work Quotarians have done in 2015 to improve the lives of children around the world. Click here to show your support and get involved in Giving Tuesday by joining Quota’s Thunderclap, which allows one single message to be mass-shared by an entire network of Quotarians and friends at the same time. Like a virtual flash mob, Thunderclap uses the power of the crowd. Please share this link with friends and family to amplify Quota’s mission beyond 5,000 members this Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday donations can also be made by visiting www.quotainternational.org, or click the “donate” button on the right side of your screen. Help to create sound beginnings for children in over 260 communities worldwide.

One thought on “#GivingTuesday and How Quota International Improves the Lives of Children Worldwide

  1. QI Liverpool Inc has been supporting Nuwarra Public School for some time. This school has special classes for deaf and hearing impaired students as well as integrating these students into its main stream classes. On Tuesday 24/11/15 a group visited the school and saw first hand how our donations are helping the dedicated teachers improve the communication skills of these students. We visited class rooms where students who had no language when they started thanked us orally and with Auslan, the nursery thanked us for the bikes & scooters for their play area, Years 2 & 3 thanked us for and read aloud from the classroom books we had published, books showing pictures, words and signs. The first one is on the subject ‘Fruit’ and there are 5 more books in the pipeline. The students social skills are improved as they use our donations to shop at the local shopping centre, selecting and budgeting for their purchases, interacting with shop staff and making sure they have the correct change. I don’t know who had the best time, us or the students, it might easily been us. Lorraine Perry, Secretary.

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