From the Field: A Message from International President Karen

After Quota International’s first year of successful Regional Meetings, I invited our board members to write about a service project that inspired them.  From the work being done in Malaysia and India, to the stories in the Netherlands, Caribbean, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand, Quotarians have made a tremendous impact on their communities. However one simple project from Huronia, Ontario, Canada really caught my eye.

Quotarians of the Huronia club give prom dresses to those girls who cannot afford them, and like any good project, it continues grow every year.

The Quota club is given free space at a dress shop at the local mall, and last year the mall paid for 40 radio spots to encourage donations from the community. In 2014, 155 dresses were donated!

They receive donations of dresses, shoes, bags, stockings and jewellery; Quotarians arranged for girls from 3 local high schools to choose a dress, and even arrange free tailoring if it is needed.

The girls have their hair and make-up done, and in the end, get to share the whole exciting prom experience with their peers. They feel empowered to have this experience, and grateful to Quota International for helping make their teenage dreams come true.

This is a real hands-on project for the Quota members, reaching deep into their community connections, building networks with local business partners, and eliciting great publicity – all for a good local cause!

Every successful Quota club needs a major project (service or fundraiser) for which it is known and celebrated for locally. This builds your club profile, your standing in the community, and in turn enables you to attract new members.

Congratulations Quota International of Huronia for one such innovative project!

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