#BeLikeHer Series

mathilda for blog“I know what you are now thinking: “oh yes, Mom!” That is such an obvious inspiration for each and every woman. But in my case I must say it is not obvious, Mom as inspiration is very exceptional. Very loving, vibrant and funny person and expert time manager. She grew up in an era when most women did not go to college, were happy if they managed to finish high school and did not have a job after they have gotten married and started a family.

Mom, Mathilda, finished her education as an Arts and Crafts Teacher after she married and was having us, one after the other every two years, four in total. She worked with several primary, middle and vocational schools for many years. Her service work for our Aruba community is also of great inspiration. She joined the Women’s Club of Aruba over forty years ago, doing a lot of community service as well as donating many of her handicrafts for fundraisers for the Ways and Means Committee. Last year she was honored as a Life Member of the WCA. For many years she was active as well with the Queen Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation of which she is a Past President. At now 80 years old, my Mom still lives alone (Dad passed away 15 years ago this January 2015), is very active, drives herself around the city doing her errands, and works everyday on her Arts and Crafts with much love and pride for her creations. My Mom, Mathilda, is just the best inspiration ever!”

Luz Marina Gonzalez, Quota International of Aruba

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