#BeLikeHer Series

Mom&Dash“Dasha is my first born child. She was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at 6 mos old. Like other children with developmental disabilities, Dasha needed frequent trips to different specialists. When she was 2, her seizures which were of a grand scale began to set in.  These put her on preventive medications since.  Dasha was flaccid all her life and was totally dependent in all her daily activities.

Our experience in caring for her and providing her needs opened my eyes to the plight of less fortunate families in the Philippines who have children with special needs, and who cannot afford to send them to medical facilities or have them examined by medical professionals.

Quota International came at the perfect time and opened doors for me to reach out to more children like Dasha.

Dasha passed away in January 2012 after a bout with pneumonia. She was 8 years old.

Her life and tender memory inspire me no end.”

Ritchell Belda, Quota International of Southwest Cebu, Philippines

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