Celebrating International Women’s Day

All over the world, women are acknowledged and appreciated by those close to them for everything they do for their families, friends, communities, constituents, and patrons. However, on 8 March, International Women’s Day, these daily accomplishments can be appreciated by a much larger audience.

International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s, in the middle of the Industrial Revolution and the Women’s Suffrage Movement. In the early years, most International Women’s Day celebrations were rallies, calling for better pay, labor law reform, and voting rights for women. As countries around world ushered in a new age of gender equality, International Women’s Day evolved, becoming a global celebration of the rich diversity, success, and culture of women of all ages.

At Quota International, the dedication to serving women in the 264 cities in which we operate is the core of our mission. Every year, Quotarians in Australia, Aruba, Canada, Curacao, Suriname, Malaysia, India, Fiji, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and the United States honor the women of Quota, the women we work for, and the women who have shaped their lives.

Join the action, and share what you are doing in honor of International Women’s Day by following the #QuotaEmpowers #BeLikeHer on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about Quota International’s work to empower women around the world to be and do more.

“I am grateful for all you have done to make our dream come true. The basis of happiness is the love of something outside of self and rises superior to all conditions. I know now, as then, we will not fail in our devotion and service to any cause — the rights and liberties for all.” — Wanda Frey Joiner, Quota International’s founder and first President


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