Unite to End Violence Against Women: Women in the Economy

Women comprise over half of the world’s population, but their ability to contribute to the world economy is far below its potential.  Women face serious disparities in the workforce compared to their male counterparts, with regard to: discrimination, wage-gaps, advancement opportunities, and more.  According to a study published by the International Monetary Fund (September 2013), access to training and support networks among females help women and businesses succeed financially.  Vocational training and financial education can help women out of poverty and into more meaningful and permanent careers.  Part of Quota’s mission is to empower women in communities around the world.  Many Quota International communities have devoted time, effort, and love into these types of programs.

Quota volunteers, in India, the Philippines, Fiji, and Malaysia, develop many livelihood programs for women to learn how to provide for themselves and their families.  Some of these programs include learning skills in: food preparation, sewing, massage therapy, cosmetology, henna tattoos, among others.  In addition, some Quotarians have provided makeover and career services to help struggling women in their communities to get on their feet.

By providing these services our volunteers help women become strong and independent leaders of their communities.  This promotes economic equality and may help reduce violence and discrimination against women in the workforce around the world.

A livelihood program in the Philippines. Photo by Noel Galang
A livelihood program in the Philippines. Photo by Noel Galang

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