Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Quotarians are volunteers in action. At a recent gathering, 300 Quotarians averaged 16.7 years of service, totaling over 5000 years of changing lives in their communities. From school lunches, to healthcare, from workshops, to literacy classes, and from business loans to job training, Quotarians are transforming donations into solutions that break the cycle of poverty.

Through Quota’s award-winning World Service Hand-in-Hand program Quotarians have been working in Fiji, Suriname, India, Malaysia, and Philippines. Because of Quotarians, more children have gone to school, more families have received health check-ups, more mothers have received training to enter the workforce, and more deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals started their own businesses.

We can do more. With the launch of “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Challenge” Quota’s  goal is to raise $50,000 to go directly to initiatives that empower women, children, the deaf, and hard-of-hearing in developing countries. 

Through the online platform, CrowdRise, it is easy to donate, easy to share, and easy to support the work of these everyday heroes. In less than 30 seconds, donations can be made that will change lives.

More than $1 million has been donated over the past 30 years to grow Quota’s World Service Program in 21 communities around the world. Share, invite, and encourage others to join the Quota family with the hashtag #BreakingPoverty!


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