Quota International Partners with the Women’s Aid Organisation

Malaysia – Quota International of Kuala Lumpur partners with Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to make a stronger impact in the community.  To create a society that is free of violence against women, WAO opened Malaysia’s first refuge for abused women and their children in 1982.  Through The Refuge, shelter, counseling, and support, and advocacy for human rights is offered.  The Refuge is a safe haven for up to three months serving abused migrant workers, trafficked women, asylum seekers, and single mothers.  Each year, social workers respond to an average of 1,500 calls.

Through Quota International’s World Service Project donations, Quotarians ensure that 85 Malaysian women seeking refuge at WAO were provided with the necessary assistance that would enable them to become self-sufficient. Some women learned how to make jewelery and were given tools and materials to turn their new skills into a business.  Quota International’s World Service Program also funded another entrepreneurial small business start-up grant enabling a woman to open a food stall selling noodles.

Quota volunteers actively empower women in Kuala Lumpur, changing their lives through direct skills training and emotional support.  The gratitude from the women is priceless.


QI of Kuala Lumpur and WAO teamed up to provide necessary shelter for women in crisis. Photo by: Mehdi Benali
In 2013, 60.8% of the women seeking aid from the WAO were victims of domestic violence. 
Photo by: Mehdi Benali



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