Marion Downs, a Leader in Pediatric Audiology, Passes Away

During her lifetime, advocate and medical revolutionary, Marion Downs, improved the lives of countless children. On November 21, the woman known as the “Mother of Pediatric Audiology” passed away at the age of 100. Marion-685

In a career that spanned 5 decades, Marion Downs became the leading voice in pediatric audiology. Beginning in the 1950s, Downs and a colleague fitted hearing aids on infants as young as 6 months at the University of Colorado School of Medicine; prior to this, 3 years was the youngest age of hearing aid recipients. Downs, a professor emerita at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center until her death, is credited with establishing the first infant hearing screening program in the United States, which became the catalyst for the current universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS). Downs authored dozens of books, journal articles and research papers that changed and revolutionized the discussion surrounding pediatric audiology.

Millions of children every year benefit greatly from the strides Marion Downs made in her long and prolific career. Because of Marion Downs and her commitment to children and the hearing-impaired, Quota International has been active in hundreds of communities, making an impact with the devices Downs helped provide. 

Thank you, Marion Downs, for your fierce dedication to children, the deaf, and the hearing-impaired.

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