Manila: Empowering Women and Families

The BAGS for Life Program is going strong in Manila. Photo by: Noel Galang
The BAGS for Life Program is going strong in Manila.
Photo by: Noel Galang

Hunger drives crime. With help of Quota International’s World Service Project donations, Metro Manila’s Quota community empowers women and their families to become self-sustaining keeping them from becoming involved in crime or falling victim to human trafficking rings simply because they are hungry.  Quotarians aim to combat poverty and its effects through education and training for women and children in Metro Manila.

Last year, the Ganda Ko Hanapbuhay Mo Programme was launched to provide skills training to 60 mothers in a poverty-stricken area of Paran͂aque. Through a partnership with a local NGO, women complete cosmetology courses which enable them to secure an income.  Upon completing the program, each graduate “pays it forward” by providing a free haircut for school children in their community.

Quotarians in Manila are also turning an environmental project into a program to augment family income. The project, BAGS for Life, teaches families how to make bags using old newspapers and telephone directories.  From bag sales, families may earn between P3, 000-5,000 a month, enough to afford food and necessary household expenses.  This project has had positive residual results.  By employing fathers on a contractual basis, their continual employment allows their children to stay in school.

A member remarked of the impact from this program that they have already witnessed in their community, “We believe that although there is still so much we can do, helping even a few has already made a difference in the lives of families.  We hope to lessen petty crimes, drug abuse, and out of school youths by providing livelihood for their parents, and making sure that their children can be in school.”

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