Introducing the Quota at Work Photo Series

Quota International is made up of thousands of dedicated and caring members who are making lasting impact in their communities around the world. The mission to empower women, children, the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech-impaired is at the heart of everything Quota does. To celebrate the amazing achievements of Quota’s vibrant communities, the blog will be showcasing the organization’s best work through photographs.

Over the years, dozens of photographs have been submitted to Quota as entries to the bi-annual photo contest. With this new photo series, every photo entry with a mission-specific theme will be highlighted on the blog. Every week, a new photograph will be posted, along with a caption and short description. Quota is working everyday to make a difference; support our work and the beautiful photographs that tell our global story. Check out the first Quota at Work photo below and continue to learn more about Quota International’s programs on the blog and on the website:

QI of New Delhi

qi of new delhi

One of the most popular work training programs for young girls at New Delhi Club’s Quota Home for Abandoned and Destitute Women is henna painting, and they take their lessons very seriously.

 Not only do the girls love receiving the decoration and learning how to do it on others, but the skill is in high demand for weddings and celebrations, so the students who become skilled in the art are able to earn an income for their family when they receive their certificate of competence from the Quota Club.

Quota International’s New Delhi club allows its members to provide job skills training and primary school education to its local community. 


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