Minute for Mission: Junior Quotarians in Siouxland Work at their Local Food Bank


The Junior Quotarians of Sioux City donated their time last winter to their local food bank, and were able to completely fill over 1300 sacks with good food for school-aged children. By working just two evenings, these young community leaders provided the most basic necessity of all to hundreds of kids.

According to Feeding America, there are 16 million children facing hunger in America today, which comes down to 1 and 5. With a statistic like that and the holiday season fast approaching, it is important appreciate all Quota has already done to alleviate the challenges associated with homelessness. All year long, food banks and homeless shelters are taking donations from the community-whether its volunteering time or goods-to ensure a better quality of life for every citizen in their neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

As community leaders, Quotarians can share the gift of giving by encouraging everyone around them-especially non-Quotarians- to donate a small portion of their time this holiday season to neighbors in crisis. Below is a link to Feeding America’s “Find Your Local Food Bank” webpage, which allows anyone to find a food bank in their zip code. Make this year’s holiday season a joyous one of giving and caring for everyone you know!

Find Your Local Food Bank by clicking the link! http://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank/

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