Quota International’s Most Isolated Clubs Provide for Local Community

beris in ba

In an international organization like Quota, it is easy to forget that some of our communities are very isolated.   Quota International of Ba in Fiji is one such club.  Quota communities in the Caribbean, Malaysia, and on Norfolk Island are working hard every day to provide the basic needs of their communities. They are all doing wonderful work in the name of Quota in their local communities, and it’s so important to give these members the personal recognition and encouragement they need to continue to grow.

Quota International of Ba, recently received this encouragement through a visit from Executive Administrator Asia / Pacific, Beris Pritchard and Region 13 Director, Alison Lingard.  During Beris and Alison’s visit, the club initiated seven new members during the visit. The Ba Club is also a member club of the Hand in Hand Program. Beris and Alison were able to visit some recipients of the Program, and to assist the members and officers with their governance of the club administration.  To see families living in a galvanised one room dwelling without water and electricity is to witness absolute poverty.  Currently, the Ba club is assisting with the paperwork and applications required to get pipes laid and water connected to a tap at each house; assistance with a power connection will be next.

These Quota members may be isolated, but they work hard to provide the basic needs in their community.  In our Hand in Hand countries, such as Fiji and the Philippines, there is little opportunity to raise funds from the public.  Donations to the Hand in Hand Program provide a lifeline to help hundreds of people, and they do it wisely and extremely well under the banner of Quota International.

In the photo, from right to left:  Outgoing President Illseva Vua’alau, Incoming President Pritika Ram, Region 13 Director Alison Lingard, and Executive Administrator Asia / Pacific Regions Beris Pritchard.

 Since 1977, Quota International of Ba in Fiji has improve the sanitation and economic situations of hundreds of people living in rural communities. 

One thought on “Quota International’s Most Isolated Clubs Provide for Local Community

  1. Hello Beris
    Quota Parkes NSW is thinking of establishing communication with BA Club something like a sister club. what is the best way of arranging this? Miriam Luyt

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