Convention 2014: Connect

3. Connect

Build bridges that will last a life time at the 2014 Quota International Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Quota boasts a diverse and skilled network of people from all walks of life and Convention facilitates deeper exploration of those global relationships. Learn more about everything Quota from service projects and fundraising, to how to operate a club more efficiently. Connecting allows us to understand each other and what we can do together to make Quota International a stronger, happier, and more productive organization.

You won’t just connect with other members at Convention, you will engage with speakers, QI staff, Junior Quotarians, and most important of all… reconnect with the mission. Identify why Quota and its causes are so vital to you, that they inspire action, service, and goodwill. Recall this closeness to Quota, or perhaps find it for the first time, and let it guide your work as a Quotarian and global citizen.

Let this year’s Quota International Convention connect you to Quota and its community of strongly allied members.

A gathering of nations at Convention
A gathering of nations at the 2006 Quota International Convention, Gold Coast, Australia.


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