Convention 2014: Get Inspired

1. Get InspiredDep Susie 2

Deputy Susie, Quota International’s Deaf Woman of the Year in 1988 and known for her amazing work as a police officer and advocate, will be speaking at this year’s Convention. Born deaf, Deputy Susie never let her hearing disability dictate how she lived her life. When she had a problem, she set out to solve it not just for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but for everyone. After experiencing a burglary, she realized that there was a hole in law enforcement and how it served the deaf community so she took on the challenge to make a change. She decided to become a police officer and in doing so became a leader, an advocate, and a role model for all.

Deputy Susie fought to earn her right to become a police officer and has developed amazing programs to aid, educate, and support those in need. Throughout her years of service, Deputy Susie has contributed to many initiatives including educational programs for both the young and old and hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She has worked in several divisions of the police force to include surveillance, special operations, child abuse cases, and more. Deputy Susie has also been on multiple TV and radio shows becoming a positive public figure in her community and nationwide. She has used her life and position in law enforcement as a platform to motivate others and be a positive voice in the world. Quota International is so pleased and honoured to have Deputy Susie join us as the Convention 2014 Keynote Speaker.


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