January Club Anniversaries

Inspired to start a service club for women, Wanda Frey Joiner along with four female business executives led the charge forming Quota International.  Nearly 95 years later, 5,600 volunteers, women, men, and teens continue to share the mission of Quota, improving lives for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and disadvantaged women and children in 269 communities in 12 countries around the world.  Congratulations to the 16 clubs in 4 countries celebrating charter anniversaries in January. We salute you!

88 Years – QI of Winnipeg, Manitoba
MalaysiaQI Buffalo Charter B
20 Years – QI of Kuala Lumpur
1 Year – QI of Southwest Cebu
15 Years – QI of Mandaue
18 Years – QI of Las Piñas
37 Years – QI of Cebu
6 Years – QI of West Salem, Ohio
19 Years – QI of Venice, Florida
68 Years – QI of Southeast Texas, Texas
81 Years – QI of Woonsocket, Rhode Island
88 Years – QI of Morgantown, West Virginia
88 Years – QI of Waterloo, Iowa
89 Years – QI of Alliance, Ohio
90 Years – QI of Charleston, West Virginia
91 Years – QI of Lancaster, Ohio
92 Years – QI of Fairmont, West Virginia

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