2014 Volunteer of the Year Submissions

Meenakshi Bhandari. Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

Quota International of DLF City’s Volunteer of the Year 2013

Meenakshi Bhandari is one of the founder members of Quota International of DLF City Haryana, India. She has been in the organization since its inception and has worked in every department of the club, not only because she has been in the club for so long but more so because of her capability, initiative, versatility and willingness to take up any challenge that comes her way.

To start with Meenakshi was the head of the Vocational Training Center and remained incharge for a number of years till she became the Vice-President and later the President from 2009-2011. Meenakshi is a trained teacher. Currently she is a member of the school committee “Project Shiksha” Quota International of DLF City’s We Share Foundation’s Hand-in-Hand project. She is very sensitive to the problems and needs of both students and teachers and is continuously evolving ways and means to bring about improvements. Presently she is trying to remodel the school curriculum and inducting new teaching methods in order to bring the system more in tune with the requirements of the students. 

One would fall short of words in describing all the qualities that make Meenakshi so popular in our organization but the most endearing quality is her ‘positivity’ and ‘optimism’ – ‘ a never say die’- attitude which makes even the most difficult task look easier and achievable. We feel privileged to have Meenakshi as a member of our club. She is QI of DLF City’s unanimous choice of volunteer of the year.


More information regarding Volunteers of the Year and submission details can be found at www.quota.org.  Entries should be submitted to Quota International by 15 February 2014.

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