Thank You: Camp Scholarships

To QI of Alstonville Wollongbar, New South Wales, Australia

My name is Ella and I wear hearing aids in both ears.  I would like to say thank you for supporting the Deaf Camp.  I have been attending the camp for three years in a row now, and have enjoyed each and every one immensely.  It feels great to be with people who share similar problems to me.

At the camp we did laser skirmish, rock it, raft building and the rock wall, to name but a few activities.  Even though I enjoyed them all, my personal favourite was the raft building activity.  First we tied together wooden poles to make a frame and then we put the empty plastic barrels in position and placed the wooden frame work on top.  We managed to fit everybody on it, though eventually it capsized and we all got wet.  To summarize, it was awesome fun, as was the rest of the camp.  Again, THANK YOU!!!

Yours sincerely – Ella


My name is Josie and I am 11 years old.  I go to public school and was born with a moderate hearing loss.  Thanks to your donation I had the opportunity to attend Deaf Camp. 

These were some of the things I could enjoy at camp: Rock climing, laser skirmish, abseiling, vertical chalanges, raft building, beach games, canoeing, giant ladders, flying fox, “Rock it”, crazy hair night, visiting the aviation museum and lots lots more!

My favourite part was getting to see my hearing impared friends and have a good time on all the activities.  Your donation makes this annual camp possible.  Thank you soo much

Yours sincerely – Josie

One thought on “Thank You: Camp Scholarships

  1. Since 1980 South Pacific Area Quotarians have pooled resources to establish a generous bursary program for speech and hearing related studies. The current recipients are part of the WHISPA program at the Cora Barclay Centre. They were able to attend two key internation conferences on hearing loss, one being Hearing Across the Life Span held at Como, Italy the other Family Centred Early Intervention Congress held in Bad Ischl, Austria. On their return the comments included “the Quota South Pacific Scholarship provided professional enrichment, brilliant networking opportunities and opened new doors. It was an honour to be a Quota recipient, to acknowledge Quota support on an international stage presenting to a gathering of the world’s most respected deaf educators, professionals, researches and parents. Without Quota none of this would have been possible. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Quota”.
    Denise Rowell,
    QSPAS Committee Member.

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